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    Karen Dec

    Hi everyone!

    Do any of you use the Accutest Uriscreen for rapid UTI testing from Jant Pharm?  I tried searching for a LOINC and couldn’t find one.  Does anyone have one?


    Thank you!!



    Pam Banning

    Hi Karen!

    First, can we clarify that this screening test DOES report to the clinician? If the manufacturer hasn’t provided their LOINC, you can work from their package inserts and your LIS set up to define the possible LOINCs.  From the Accutest website, pg 5 under Principles indicates the kit is trying to detect catalase-positive bacteria and/or somatic cells.

    Search option 1: Entering the search word of “catalase” brings up 7 possibilities.

    Working from process of elimination, we’d ignore:

    2 LOINCs with method of Organism Specific Culture

    4 LOINCs with system of plasma, RBC or Tissue

    This leaves with only 45034-6 – Bacteria producing catalase : PrThr : Pt : Isolate : Ord  .

    It would appear a submission is needed for Bacteria producing catalase : PrThr : Pt : Urine : Ord  (presuming the value is just positive/negative or detected/not detected)

    Search option 2:

    Entering the keywords of Bacteria Urine in RELMA, reveals 16 LOINCs, but 15 have methods of Immunofluorescence, Automation, Microscopy and culture. There is a methodless LOINC 87829-8  Bacteria : PrThr: Pt: Urine : Ord   that might be a close fit. It is inferring the catalase of the assay is coming from bacteria

    If you decide to submit to Regenstrief, it’s a straightforward process under loinc <dot> org <slash> submissions

    Hope this helps!


    Karen Dec

    I received information back from the manufacturer.  They stated that there is no LOINC for this test.

    Guess I will submit it.

    Thank you for your help Pam!!!

    Cole selsor

    Hello Karen,


    Did you end up submitting the request for the URISCREEN? Any addtitional information would be great. I am working with a facility that had questions about this as well.




    Cole S.

    Karen Kovach

    No, this has not been  submitted this yet.  Since we are in Canada, this will be submitted to Canada Health Infoway first as they maintain the pCLOCD for use in Canada.   And sorry we do not have any more information.



    Pam Banning

    Cole, if your facility has example charts/answers, I can assist in your submitting a request for a LOINC term. Please email me through pdbanning at mmm dot com, and we’ll work directly together. It probably won’t take more than 15-30 minutes on the telephone.

    Karen Dec

    Thank you everyone!!  Sorry I haven’t been active but, we just went live with a new EMR and it has completely made our lab’s workflow awful!! LOL

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