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    Renee Silvis

    I was looking up the LOINC code for a KUB, and while I was able to find the code I was looking for using the related names, I noticed a great deal of other AP view x-rays resulted with that same related name that did not seem related to a KUB. There seems to be a pattern of (almost) all AP view x-rays having KUB/Kidney-Ureter-Bladder as a related name. I just found this odd and worth noting in case I was missing something. A sampling of the codes that resulted in my search is below.

    36571-8View AP Ankle Find Pt Doc XR

    36573-4View AP Clavicle Find Pt Doc XR

    36575-9View AP Femur Find Pt Doc XR

    36576-7View AP Finger.fifth Find Pt Doc XR

    36577-5View AP Finger.fourth Find Pt Doc XR

    36578-3View AP Finger.third Find Pt Doc XR

    36579-1View AP Foot Find Pt Doc XR

    36580-9View AP Foot.bilateral Find Pt Doc XR

    36581-7View AP Hip Find Pt Doc XR

    36582-5View AP Hip.left Find Pt Doc XR

    37726-7View AP Hip.right Find Pt Doc XR

    36584-1View AP Knee Find Pt Doc XR

    36585-8View AP Knee.bilateral Find Pt Doc XR

    48462-6View AP Knee.left Find Pt Doc XR

    48463-4View AP Knee.right Find Pt Doc XR

    39048-4View AP Scapula Find Pt Doc XR

    37842-2View AP Shoulder Find Pt Doc XR

    36586-6View AP Shoulder.bilateral Find Pt Doc XR

    36587-4View AP Shoulder.left Find Pt Doc XR

    37798-6View AP Shoulder.right Find Pt Doc XR

    69269-9View AP Skull Find Pt Doc XR

    Thanks for any guidance you might be able to provide as to why these terms have KUB as a related name.

    Catherine Holck

    Hello Renee,

    Let me try again – you are absolutely correct that the related name KUB should not be associated with all of these AP View x-rays.  Thank you for your report and we are working on a correction for the next release.

    Best regards,

    Katy, LOINC Content Developer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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