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    Denise Fernandez

    Hi! I was just testing your fhir terminology server with some code system queries.

    I was wondering if there’s any way (as there is in to set the language, so I can get translated values in valueCoding.display for all properties.

    For example:
    * (if I “Set Language” to Spanish/Argentina, then I get translated values in the search results)
    * GET$lookup?system=
    (I’m using the same user for basic auth for rest api, and for log in at

    I tried:
    – Adding displayLanguage=es-AR as a query param (as per
    – Adding a header to the request Accept-Language=es-AR (as per




    Simone Heckmann

    Any news about this? Being able to expand ValueSets with display values in other languages is a very important requirement for the usage of LOINC in FHIR implementations in Germany as well.

    We’d love to know if this feature is somewhere on the roadmap!

    Tim Briscoe

    This is something we will be exploring as we realize its importance for the community. We do not have a timetable for a potential release. It would probably be March 2020 at the earliest.

    Alejandro Bologna


    Are there any updates on multi-language support for the fhir-loinc api?


    Marc de Graauw

    It’s a feature the Netherlands would really appreciate as well – to the point that using the LOINC FHIR API does not make much sense for us without it. And the API looks great, I’d love to incorporate it.

    Marcelo Cabello

    Is there any updates? It’s interesting for me also. I tried to define local designations in supplements, but poor outcomes.



    Tim Briscoe

    Hello Marc,

    This is still very much on our to-do list. As with many things, COVID destroyed our earlier timeline estimate. We are very much concentrated now on our upcoming LOINC release in December. I can only provide a very rough estimate of May 2021 for this language feature.

    We will be adding the ability to retrieve specific LOINC version CodeSystem and ValueSet resources with our December release. (Initially, we will only make available the previous two releases.) We will be certain to share more information on this new feature at that time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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