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    I am not able to get mappings for some of the Pulmonary Function Tests like – FEV1/FVC– pre  Bronchodilation,  FEV% Predicted — post bronchodilation, DLCO% pre bronchodilation/ predicted expressed as percentage,FEV1/FVC % pre bronchodilation/predicted, FEV1/FVC post bronchodilation/ predicted. Please update me on this if you have any info.



    Swapna Abhyankar

    Hi Malar,

    I just did a quick search and also could not find the pulmonary function concepts you mentioned in your post.

    Nearly all of our terms are created based on submitted requests, and nobody to date has requested these pulmonary tests.

    You are welcome to request new LOINC codes for these concepts. We have detailed instructions on how to submit requests and the information we need as part of the request on our website:


    Swapna Abhyankar, MD
    Associate Director for Content Development
    LOINC and Health Data Standards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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