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    John Mok

    My insitutions offer some POC tests like blood gas, gluscose, electrolytes, Hgb ad PT. We have received some requests asking if it is possible to differentiate the tests done from the lab and bedside in a data level.

    As I know, the LOINC manual (section 1.2) states that the place of testing is explicitly excluded from the fully specified name.

    My suggestion is, can we treat POCT is a kind of method for those blood tests?

    It seems to me that POCT is kind of method of mesaurement worthwhile mentioning.

    Any comment or idea?




    One possible way is to identify that type of testing as a clinic. That is, give each it’s own name and location.
    Perhaps your clinic name is now 892SST. Many facilities have multiple locations, such as 892 South Street and 992 South Street. The lab identifies these as ordering locations. You can request that the lab add 892POCT as an ordering location. You would use that on your lab requisitions and they would send results to the ordering provider from that clinic, as usual. All results could possibly be viewed for 892POCT, depending on your interface.


    Pam Banning

    Another option: does the specimen type segregate them? Capillary or whole blood specimens vs serum/plasma? This would work for chemistries, but not hematologies.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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