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    Craig Moser

    Several of our reference lab tests are giving us trouble trying to find the correct LOINC code. For example, we have a battery called Meningoencephalitis Comprehensive Panel that is sent to our reference lab. Within that battery there is a test code that the reference lab uses to populate the results that contains 51 “analytes” as seen below. So, the results below are contained within one test code in our system. What LOINC code do we use for the test code in our system that contains these results?

    Analyte Code CALIFORNIA IgG (LOINC – 9539-8)
    Analyte Code CALIFORNIA IgM (LOINC – 9540-6)
    Analyte Code INTERPRETATION (LOINC – 49067-2)
    Analyte Code EASTERN EQUINE IgG (LOINC – 10897-7)
    Analyte Code EASTERN EQUINE IgM (LOINC – 10899-3)
    Analyte Code INTERPRETATION (LOINC – 49065-6)
    Analyte Code ST. LOUIS IgG (LOINC – 21509-5)
    Analyte Code ST. LOUIS IgM (LOINC – 21510-3)
    Analyte Code INTERPRETATION (LOINC – 49068-0)
    Analyte Code WESTERN EQUINE IgG (LOINC – 9315-3)
    Analyte Code WESTERN EQUINE IgM (LOINC – 9316-1)
    Analyte Code INTERPRETATION (LOINC – 49066-4)
    Analyte Code LCM IgG (LOINC – 9766-7)
    Analyte Code LCM IgM (LOINC – 9768-3)
    Analyte Code INTERPRETATION (LOINC – 49067-2)
    Analyte Code ADENOVIRUS AB (LOINC – 23950-9)
    Analyte Code INFLUENZA A AB (LOINC – 9531-5)
    Analyte Code INFLUENZA B AB (LOINC – 9534-9)
    Analyte Code MEASLES (RUBEOLA) IgG, IFA (LOINC – 21500-4)
    Analyte Code MEASLES (RUBEOLA) IgM, IFA (LOINC – 21502-0)
    Analyte Code INTERPRETATION (LOINC – 44011-5)
    Analyte Code MUMPS AB IgG, IFA (LOINC – 21401-5)
    Analyte Code MUMPS AB IgM, IFA (LOINC – 21402-3)
    Analyte Code VARICELLA-ZOSTER VIRUS AB (LOINC – 33327-8)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE A2 AB (LOINC – 16682-7)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE A4 AB (LOINC – 16683-5)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE A7 AB (LOINC – 9756-8)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE A9 AB (LOINC – 9758-4)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE A10 AB (LOINC – 9751-9)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE A16 AB (LOINC – 9752-7)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE B1 AB (LOINC – 9759-2)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE B2 AB (LOINC – 9760-0)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE B3 AB (LOINC – 9761-8)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE B4 AB (LOINC – 9762-6)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE B5 AB (LOINC – 9763-4)
    Analyte Code COXSACKIE B6 AB (LOINC – 9764-2)
    Analyte Code ECHOVIRUS 4 AB (LOINC – 9519-0)
    Analyte Code ECHOVIRUS 7 AB (LOINC – 23993-9)
    Analyte Code ECHOVIRUS 9 AB (LOINC – 9520-8)
    Analyte Code ECHOVIRUS 11 AB (LOINC – 9516-6)
    Analyte Code ECHOVIRUS 30 AB (LOINC – 9518-2)
    Analyte Code CYTOMEGALOVIRUS IgG, ELISA (CSF) (LOINC – 6921-1)
    Analyte Code CYTOMEGALOVIRUS IgM, ELISA (CSF) (LOINC – 13226-6)
    Analyte Code WEST NILE AB IgG, CSF (LOINC – 39572-3)
    Analyte Code WEST NILE AB IgM, CSF (LOINC – 39573-1)
    Analyte Code HSV 1 IgG INDEX: (LOINC – 58786-5)
    Analyte Code HSV 2 IgG INDEX: (LOINC – 58785-7)
    Analyte Code HSV 2 IgM SCREEN (LOINC – 42606-4)

    Pam Banning

    Good morning,

    It may not be intentional trouble from the reference labs. It may be a result of the HL7 messaging format. If I’m reading your statement correctly, the HL7 message sends one OBX with 51 results inside it to the OBR of the Meningoencephalitis Comprehensive Panel. This would not be an example of granular distinct result formatting, and as such does not qualify for any LOINC result codes.

    If it is desired to use LOINC codes within result fields, there can only be one result portrayed in each OBX record. Please refer to the HL7 messaging guidelines.

    Hope this helps,
    Pam Banning

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