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    Himali Saitwal

    Hi all:

    I am trying to request new LOINC terms for “Radiology Panels” and have some questions related to it.
    *** I did not come across any reference regarding the “required fields” for Radiology Panel submission. Are these same as requesting new LOINC term as listed below?
    DO we need to add “CLASS” in the above fields?

    *** In local data that I am working on, there are many Radiology Panels those have multiple methods used for multiple systems. A couple of examples listed below
    ^^CT CHEST, ABD W/WO PELVIS W contrast
    The real question is how to represent “ANALYTS” and “METHOD” fields in such situations?

    Looking forward for responses.


    Daniel Vreeman

    Take a look at the Radiology tutorial slide deck that is available at:

    Then, take a look at the very detailed discussion of Radiology naming conventions in the LOINC User’s Guide (Chapter 4.3):

    Before you make a submission for new terms, you should scour the examples of radiology terms in LOINC already (there are about 5,000 of them) to be sure the one you’re requesting isn’t already there. You’ll find them in the class of RAD:

    When you find a gap, then use the naming conventions and patterns above to complete your submission. So, the analyte = the piece of the LOINC Component before the Challenge. The method is the modality.

    Himali Saitwal

    Thanks for your prompt reply. From the reference material, I gather that it is possible to represent “Series projections with multiple systems” in COMPONENT section, but I also wanted to know how to represent “Combination of Modalities” as I have come across this very often in local data. Is it still under development as mentioned in slide 33?

    Daniel Vreeman

    Yes, correct, you’d do multiple projections in the Component by separating them with an “&”, e.g.:

    You’re correct that we haven’t totally nailed the convention for multiple modalities, but our current approach (being shaped in our collaboration with the RSNA) is to use a “+” to separate them. For example “PET+CT”. So, that’s how I’d recommend you submit them. You’ve likely noticed that this is different than our convention for “sub” modalities, e.g. MRI.angio.

    Also, please provide a short description of each exam (i.e. what the imaging procedure is and what it is used for) you are requesting.

    Thanks! We look forward to your request.

    Himali Saitwal

    Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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