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    Jeroen van Wijk

    We are implementing LOINC code in our application. Can someone tell me what to do with the map to table? Is this table to find a LOINC code wich is not in the LOINC table?

    Jeroen van Wijk

    I checked all the loinc numbers in the map_to file. There 2810 records. If I check the all the values in the first column LOINC against the LOINC  table I get a match of 2355. If I match the second column MAP_to against the LOINC table I get 2377 matches. I expect a full match on the second colum. Is there someone who can explain why there is not a full match or what is the use of this file?

    john hook

    The MAP_TO table is used to identify the appropriate replacement for LOINC terms that have been DEPRECATED or DISCOURAGED. You can find a detailed explanation in section 11.2 of the LOINC Users’ Guide.

    I have examined the MAP_TO table distributed in the 2.59 release of LOINC. I can find no LOINC number in the MAP_TO.LOINC or MAP_TO.MAP_TO column that does not also appear in the LOINC.LOINC column. Can you please provide examples of the LOINC numbers that you cannot find?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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