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    The standards for Meaningful Use Stage 2 currently require using LOINC release 2.40. However, 2.42 has been released. We have searched the loinc.org website and do not find a download. So the question is….how do we get a 2.40 download?

    Thank you.
    Maggie Wright
    Sr. Business Analyst – Laboratory
    McKesson Corporation

    Pam Banning

    Hi Maggie,

    The federal regulations list LOINC v2.40 as the minimum data set. It is my understanding the more current releases are also appropriate.

    From pg 8 of the ONC Final Rule:
    “We proposed the use of version 2.38 of
    LOINC®, but have adopted version 2.40.
    We proposed the use of the February
    2012 monthly version of RxNorm, but
    have adopted the August 2012 monthly
    version of RxNorm. We proposed the
    use of the August 15, 2011 version of
    CVX code sets, but have adopted the
    updated through July 11, 2012 version.
    In all these instances, we have found
    that the newer versions improve
    interoperability and EHR technology
    implementation, support MU, and do
    not create additional substantive
    requirements in comparison to the
    proposed versions of these vocabulary
    standards. Further, the adoption of these
    versions establishes the baseline in the
    CFR with the most recent versions of
    these vocabulary standards that is
    possible. Second, we have also
    established an approach that permits the
    use of newer versions of these standards
    than the one adopted in the CFR. We
    refer readers to section IV.B for a
    discussion of ‘‘minimum standards’’
    code sets and our new more flexible
    approach for their use in certification
    and upgrading certified Complete EHRs
    and certified EHR Modules. Readers
    should also review § 170.555, which
    specifies the certification processes for
    ‘‘minimum standards’’ code sets.”

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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