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    Sergio Isidoro

    I stumbled upon a LOINC code that has the property “Rden”


    However I can’t find any documentation of this property in the User Manual, or Ontologies.

    Is there any place I can find a more complete reference than the User manual?


    Pam Banning

    Hello Sergio,

    All of the properties were modeled after measurements from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) color book series. I believe the Silver Book was the primary source originally.  RDen or Relative Density is defined in a Google search of ‘Relative Density IUPAC Book’ as “Ratio of density to a reference density, usually the density of water at 4 degrees C; in the older literature this is called specific gravity. The electronic search returned from the IUPAC Gold Book. The IUPAC has their own organizational website.

    I also went into RELMA and searched Property:RDen, found all related terms and chose one to see comprehensive detail. The definition in RELMA has additional information for your benefit. I presume you already have read within the LOINC User’s Guide, Table 8 – Example LOINC properties, Chapter 4 and Appendix E.

    Thank you for the question; I hope this helps!

    Pam Banning


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    Sergio Isidoro

    Thank you, yes this was quite helpful!

    Now I know in the future where to search for this information. And yes I’ve been using the Table 8: Example LOINC Properties as my main reference which has worked 99% of the time to answer my questions and further search. I apparently just failed to see the footnote referring to the IUPAC silver book.

    Best regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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