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    John L Allen


    Thanks for your response.   I’ve noticed a lot of potentially erroneous ‘example UCUM unit’ fields by using basic SQL queries via UMLS (note that I am using an 2018 version of UMLS, so info may be out of date).

    For example, for substance concentration, with the query “SELECT distinct s2.atv FROM mrsat s1, mrsat s2 WHERE (s1.SAB=’LNC’) AND (s1.ATN=’LOINC_PROPERTY’) AND (s1.ATV=’SCnc’) AND (s2.CODE=s1.CODE) AND (s2.SAB=’LNC’) AND (s2.ATN=’EXAMPLE_UCUM_UNITS’)”, one of the returned example UCUM units is “umol/mol{creat}”.

    When I replace the ‘SCnc’ (substance concentration) with ‘ACnc’ (arbitrary concentration), some of the units I get are ‘mg/dL’ and ‘umol/L’.  I’m not sure that these are inappropriate, but I was under the impression that the numerator for ACnc values should be an arbitrary unit.






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