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    Perhaps it might be better if I recap my original question.

    We are required to determine which codes to use for identifying lab specialties for each test we report in the HL7 CDA Laboratory report. For example:

    Should 625-4 Bacteria identified in Stool by Culture be reported along with:

    1) 18725-2 Microbiology studies (as stated in the Italian CDA HL7 Laboratory Report)


    2) LP7819-8 MICRO (as in the class table provided by Regenstrief for Italian translation)?

    I am not sure if this is done in the US, but we are required to do so.

    Let me go back to my last question about the correspondance between a test and its lab specialty: if a lab provides us with a group of microbiology tests, can I assume that they all correspond to the same class (identified by one of the above codes) or should I verify the class each single test belongs to by using LOINC table?

    I hope that I have made myself clear.

    Greetings, Maria


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    Hi Pam!

    If I am right, you suggest to not use numeric code but the alphabetic strings like DRUGDOSE, DRUG/TOX, etc?

    Another question: would you suggest to identify belonging class for each test or it can be assumed that all the tests of a lab specialty correspond for sure to one and only one LOINC class?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Pam!

    I am looking for lab specialty class codes to use into theĀ  HL7 CDA2 of the Laboratory Report. According to the Italian law, it should explicit for each test the related lab specialty class.

    Thank you for your help!


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    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for your detailed reply!


    in reply to: Harmonization between LOINC and SNOMED CT #17212


    is the harmonization still only on LOINC Lab Section? Are there plans for the Clinical one?



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