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    Hi Pam

    My initial post with some links finally appeared.

    What I found in LOINC was the document type (scale=DOC) 33717-0 Cytology Cervical or vaginal smear or scraping study (PAP).

    But I couldn’t find a code related to findings/analytes for that type of study, nor the codes for the results associated with the study findings like “normal or negative”, “Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LGSIL)”, “High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion or carcinoma (HGSIL)”, etc. (some of those can be found in SNOMED CT).

    As a reference, I would like to model:

    a. Cytology Cervical Report Document type (33717-0::LOINC)
    a.1. Cytology Cervical Report Findings (no code found in LOINC)
    a.1.1. Cytology Cervical Report Findings Response = NORMAL (no code found in LOINC)
    a.1.2. Cytology Cervical Report Findings Response = LGSIL (no code found in LOINC)
    a.1.3. Cytology Cervical Report Findings Response HGSIL (no code found in LOINC)
    a.1.4. …..

    The need of the code at a.1. is because other types of findings might be part of the Report Document, and need to know which one specifically is the PAP finding.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Thanks Pam, tried to post examples and links but this forum did not recorded my message, maybe has an hidden rule that doesn’t allow to post links?

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    I couldn’t find cytology finding codes in LOINC but SNOMED has some.

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    I’m also looking for cytology (vaginal) finding codes (4 years later) but it seems there aren’t much codes about this, just a generic document code and a comment code for cytology.

    For instance:

    But there is no associated coded result set.

    I did find some codes in SNOMED CT:

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