ED Initial Set for Chest Pain






This is the initial set of clinical data to be delivered for ED patients who present with cardiac chest pain.

Intent is decrease searching for individual tests by providers.


Regenstrief Institute Inc (JT Finnell)
Not vetted or validated, HANDLE WITH CARE
LOINC Long Common Name Component Prop Time System Scale Method
18745-0 Cardiac catheterization study Study report Find Pt Heart Doc Cardiac catheterization
18842-5 Discharge summary Discharge summary note Find Pt {Setting} Doc {Role}
34534-8 EKG 12 channel panel EKG 12 channel panel - Pt Heart - EKG
34552-0 2D echocardiogram panel 2D echocardiogram panel - Pt ^Patient -
34752-6 Cardiology Note Note Find Pt {Setting} Doc Cardiovascular disease
76645-1 Cardiac stress test EKG study Type Stress test type Type Pt Cardiac stress study Nom EKG
78895-0 Coronary angiography panel Coronary segment stenosis panel - Pt Coronary arteries - Angiogram