How do I change my settings/preferences for SearchLOINC?

User Settings are available from a few locations in the SearchLOINC user interface. You can click on your name in the top right corn to open a menu. Click the "User Settings" option. You can find a link to this same destination from the top SearchLOINC menu and from the SearchLOINC welcome page.

How do the User Settings differ from the options available on SearchLOINC?

Simply put, options marked in User Settings persist between sessions/logins. Changes made within SearchLOINC's user interface will only remain for the current session, or until you change them again.

For example, you can indicate German (Deutsch) as the search language in User Settings. Each time you log in to SearchLOINC, it will use German as your language preference. At any point you can change your language by clicking on the flag icon in the top menu bar. If you use this option to indicate English, it will retain this setting until you change to something else or until you exit your web browser. When you log back in to SearchLOINC, your persistent choice of German will be used.

Search language, Card/List view, and Per Page size all work in this same manner. Sorting and filtering of search results do not have persistent options. Conversely, column configurations do not have session-based options.

Which web browsers does the SearchLOINC app support?

SearchLOINC is supported by all modern web browsers including those used on mobile and tablet devices. SearchLOINC does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer, the browser scheduled for retirement on June 15, 2022. Note: the minimum device width supported by SearchLOINC is currently 325 pixels.

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