Welcome Screen

The figure above displays the welcome screen, or main menu, of the RELMA program.

In the top right corner of the welcome screen, the 'log in' and 'Register' options appear. If the user logged in when starting the RELMA program, the login name will display. If the user did not log in upon initial start-up, the user can click on "log in" and another screen will display, asking for the user name and password. If a user does not have a LOINC user account, they can click on "Register", which will take them to an online form on loinc.org where they can create a LOINC user account. Additional information about created an account is discussed in the Logging in section of the RELMA manual.

The current version of the RELMA program is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen and the current Local Term File selected by the user is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. The program defaults to the SAMPLE Local Term File that comes with the program. Other Local Term Files may be imported from delimited files or HL7 files using the "Import Local Terms" program functions. The user may change the current Local Term File by selecting File > Change Local Term File from the drop down menu.

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