Search API

Regenstrief is piloting a new API to allow users to search the extensive LOINC database. This is the same API which powers the SearchLOINC API web app.

A valid LOINC username/password must be passed as basic authentication.


All of these endpoints search the scope specified and utilize the same parameters.


  • query – search string
  • rows* – integer value to indicate the number of rows to return
  • offset* – integer value to indicate the offset, for paging
  • sortorder* – string value, specifying which field to sort on and order (desc and asc)
  • language* – integer value to indicate which language to return. The integer value for specific languages can be found in the LingusticVariants.csv file in the LOINC release.
  • includefiltercounts* – boolean value to indicate if information for filters should be returned with the results

*All of these parameters have default values and are optional.

Example Queries

Without Optional Parameters

With All Optional Parameters

Knowledge Base

Users’ Guide

Search Syntax