H - LOINC Committee

As secretariat, Regenstrief Institute has adopted a lightweight structure and governance principles for the LOINC Committee. These principles were unanimously approved by the Clinical LOINC Committee at the September 2017 meeting and by the Laboratory LOINC Committee at the December 2017 meeting.

The LOINC Committee is comprised of the members of its composite committees:

  • Laboratory LOINC Committee
  • Clinical LOINC Committee
    • Nursing Subcommittee
    • Document Ontology Subcommittee
  • LOINC/RadLex Committee

Interested parties may formally apply for inclusion in one or more of the composite committees as an individual, organization, Standards Development Organization (SDO), or international affiliate. The application form and membership requirements are available on the LOINC website at loinc.org/committee. We welcome applications for new members who meet the qualifications. Committee membership remains free of charge.

A roster of LOINC Committee members is available on the LOINC website at loinc.org/committee.

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