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69742-5CBC W Differential panel, method unspecified - BloodActive

Term Description

In the Western world, most labs perform automated counts and we recommend that you use 57782-5.
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Panel Hierarchy
Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
69742-5 CBC W Differential panel, method unspecified - Blood
Indent20570-8 Hematocrit [Volume Fraction] of Blood %
Indent26453-1 Erythrocytes [#/volume] in Blood 10*6/uL
Indent718-7 Hemoglobin [Mass/volume] in Blood g/dL
Indent26515-7 Platelets [#/volume] in Blood 10*3/uL
Indent28539-5 MCH [Entitic mass] pg
Indent28540-3 MCHC [Mass/volume] g/dL
Indent28542-9 Platelet mean volume [Entitic volume] in Blood fL
Indent30384-2 Erythrocyte distribution width [Entitic volume] fL
Indent30385-9 Erythrocyte distribution width [Ratio] %
Indent30428-7 MCV [Entitic volume] fL
Indent69738-3 Differential panel, method unspecified - Blood
IndentIndent26464-8 Leukocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30180-4 Basophils/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent26444-0 Basophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34911-8 Immature basophils/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34910-0 Immature basophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26446-5 Blasts/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent30376-8 Blasts [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26450-7 Eosinophils/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent26449-9 Eosinophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34913-4 Immature eosinophils/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent34912-6 Immature eosinophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30395-8 Granulocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent30394-1 Granulocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent35058-7 Hairy cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30397-4 Hairy cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26463-0 Large unstained cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent26462-2 Large unstained cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26471-3 Leukocytes other/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30406-3 Leukocytes other [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34922-5 Lymphoblasts/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent35050-4 Lymphoblasts [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26478-8 Lymphocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood R %
IndentIndent26474-7 Lymphocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30413-9 Abnormal lymphocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30412-1 Abnormal lymphocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent13046-8 Variant lymphocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent26477-0 Variant lymphocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30420-4 Large granular lymphocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent35082-7 Large granular lymphocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34921-7 Lymphocytes Plasmacytoid/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent35039-7 Lymphocytes Plasmacytoid [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30423-8 Lymphoma cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30422-0 Lymphoma cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34915-9 Malignant cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34914-2 Malignant cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent28541-1 Metamyelocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent30433-7 Metamyelocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34923-3 Monoblasts/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent35029-8 Monoblasts [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26485-3 Monocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood R %
IndentIndent26484-6 Monocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30441-0 Monocytes Abnormal/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30440-2 Monocytes Abnormal [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34925-8 Immature monocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34924-1 Immature monocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30445-1 Myeloblasts/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30444-4 Myeloblasts [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26498-6 Myelocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30446-9 Myelocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26511-6 Neutrophils/100 leukocytes in Blood R %
IndentIndent26499-4 Neutrophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26508-2 Band form neutrophils/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent26507-4 Band form neutrophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30450-1 Neutrophils.hypersegmented/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30449-3 Neutrophils.hypersegmented [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30451-9 Segmented neutrophils [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26505-8 Segmented neutrophils/100 leukocytes in Blood C %
IndentIndent34917-5 Plasma cell precursor/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34916-7 Plasma cell precursor [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent13047-6 Plasma cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30458-4 Plasma cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34999-3 Polymorphonuclear cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent35003-3 Polymorphonuclear cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30465-9 Prolymphocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent30464-2 Prolymphocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent30466-7 Promonocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34926-6 Promonocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent26524-9 Promyelocytes/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent26523-1 Promyelocytes [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34919-1 Sezary cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34918-3 Sezary cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent34992-8 Smudge cells/100 leukocytes in Blood O %
IndentIndent34993-6 Smudge cells [#/volume] in Blood O 10*3/uL
IndentIndent33255-1 Cell Fractions/Differential [Interpretation] in Blood O

Fully-Specified Name

Complete blood count W Differential panel, method unspecified

Additional Names

Short Name
CBC W Diff pnl,unspecified Bld
Display Name
CBC W Differential panel, method unspecified (Bld)
Consumer Name Alpha
CBC W Differential Panel, Method Unspecified, Blood

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.40
Last Updated
Version 2.68
Change Reason
Release 2.68: COMPONENT: Spelled out "Complete blood count" in Formal name based on the LOINC model and for consistency across terms.
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zh-CNChinese (China)
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
compleet bloedbeeld met leukocytendifferentiatiepanel, methode niet gespecificeerd:-:moment:bloed:kwantitatief:
fr-CAFrench (Canada)
Formule sanguine complète avec différentiel, méthode non précisée:-:Temps ponctuel:Sang:Quantitatif:
fr-FRFrench (France)
Numération Formule sanguine méthode non spécifiée:-:Ponctuel:Sang:Numérique:
it-ITItalian (Italy)
CBC W, panel Differenziale, metodo non specificato:-:Pt:Sangue:Qn:
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
CBC с Дифференциальная панель, метод неспецичная:-:ТчкВрм:Кр:Колич:
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Perfil diferencial CBC W, método inespecífico:Propiedades mixtas (sólo paneles):Punto temporal:Sangre:Qn:
tr-TRTurkish (Turkey)
TKS Differensiyal paneli ile, yöntem belirtilmemiş:-:Zmlı:Kan:Kant:

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