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96447-8WE CARE Survey [WE CARE] CaregiverActive

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The WE CARE Survey is a caregiver self-report of the social determinants of health of the family. Aspects include caregiver education, employment, childcare, food and housing needs.
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
96447-8 WE CARE Survey [WE CARE] Caregiver
Indent96446-0 Do you have a high school degree?
Indent96445-2 If no, would you like help to get a GED?
Indent96444-5 Do you have a job?
Indent96443-7 If no, would you like help with finding employment and or job training?
Indent96442-9 Do you need daycare for your child?
Indent96433-8 If yes, would you like help finding it?
Indent96441-1 Do you think you are at risk of becoming homeless
Indent96440-3 If yes, would you like help with this?
Indent96439-5 If yes, is this an emergency?
Indent96434-6 Do you always have enough food for your family?
Indent96438-7 If no, would you like help with this?
Indent96437-9 If yes, do you need food for tonight?
Indent96436-1 Do you have trouble paying your heating bill and or electricity bill?
Indent96753-9 If yes, would you like help with this?
Indent96435-3 If yes, are you at risk of having your utilities shut off in the next week?

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WE CARE Survey

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Version 2.70
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Version 2.70
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Form Context EMI Advisors We want to make sure that you know all the community resources that are available to you for problems. Many of these resources are free of charge. Please answer each question and hand it to your child's medical assistant at the beginning of the visit. Thank you!

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LG51306-5 SDOH

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