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LG90-3   DocOnt<SAME:TypeOfService|KindOfDocument><ROLLUP:Setting|SMD|Role>
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LOINC Terms in this Group

78447-0 Emergency department Checklist
78448-8 Cardiopulmonary Checklist
78449-6 Neurological surgery Checklist
78495-9 Anesthesiology Checklist
78503-0 Surgery Checklist
78504-8 Mental health Checklist
78505-5 Colon and rectal surgery Checklist
78539-4 Transplant surgery Checklist
78540-2 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Checklist
78541-0 Orthopaedic surgery Checklist
78542-8 Vascular surgery Checklist
78543-6 Cardiothoracic surgery Checklist
78544-4 Pediatric surgery Checklist
78545-1 Plastic surgery Checklist
78712-7 Ophthalmology Checklist
78717-6 Obstetrics and Gynecology Checklist
78734-1 Urology Checklist
80566-3 Checklist
80573-9 Cardiac surgery Checklist
80732-1 Otolaryngology Checklist
80800-6 Surgical oncology Checklist
89444-4 Obstetrics Checklist
89445-1 Gynecology Checklist
97661-3 Emergency medicine Emergency department Checklist