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LOINC Terms in this Group

34807-8 Ophthalmology Consult note
34808-6 Ophthalmology Note
34809-4 Ophthalmology Preoperative evaluation and management note
34867-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Postoperative evaluation and management note
57150-5 Ophthalmology Referral note
67861-5 Ophthalmology Postoperative evaluation and management note
68572-7 Ophthalmology Discharge summary
68573-5 Ophthalmology History and physical note
68574-3 Ophthalmology Progress note
68575-0 Ophthalmology Hospital Consult note
68576-8 Ophthalmology Hospital Letter
68887-9 Ophthalmology Transfer summary note
75462-2 Ophthalmology Outpatient Note
78512-1 Ophthalmology Summary note
78513-9 Ophthalmology Summary of encounters note
78573-3 Ophthalmology Diagnostic study note
78608-7 Ophthalmology Education note
78638-4 Ophthalmology Flowsheet
78647-5 Ophthalmology Initial evaluation note
78657-4 Ophthalmology procedure note
78712-7 Ophthalmology Checklist
78713-5 Ophthalmology Admission history and physical note
78714-3 Ophthalmology Surgical operation note
80779-2 Ophthalmology Plan of care note
84055-3 Ophthalmology Annual evaluation note
84056-1 Ophthalmology Patient's home Note
84405-0 Ophthalmology Admission evaluation note
84406-8 Ophthalmology Diagram
84407-6 Ophthalmology Hospital Note
84408-4 Ophthalmology Outpatient procedure note
84410-0 Ophthalmology Telephone encounter Note
84412-6 Ophthalmology Risk assessment and screening note
85881-1 Ophthalmology Teleimaging Note
85882-9 Ophthalmology Teleimaging Consult note
94794-5 Ophthalmology Telehealth Note
96176-3 Ophthalmology Evaluation note