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LL5474-3Definitely | Mostly | Somewhat | Not at allActive

Basic Properties

Definitely | Mostly | Somewhat | Not at all
Answers: 4; Scale: Ord; Code: -; Score: 4-1
LOINCs Using This List

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
Definitely 4 LA30556-7
Mostly 3 LA13938-8
Somewhat 2 LA13909-9
Not at all 1 LA6568-5

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https://fhir.loinc.org/CodeSystem/$lookup?system=http://loinc.org&code=LL5474-3 https://fhir.loinc.org/ValueSet/?url=http://loinc.org/vs/LL5474-3

LOINC Terms That Use This Answer List

94043-7 In caring for me, my doctor considers all the factors that affect my health [PCPCM]
94046-0 My doctor and I have been through a lot together [PCPCM]
94045-2 My doctor or practice knows me as a person [PCPCM]
94047-8 My doctor or practice stands up for me [PCPCM]
94044-5 My practice coordinates the care I get from multiple places [PCPCM]
94042-9 My practice is able to provide most of my care [PCPCM]
94041-1 My practice makes it easy for me to get care [PCPCM]
94051-0 Over time, my practice helps me to meet my goals [PCPCM]
94050-2 Over time, my practice helps me to stay healthy [PCPCM]
94049-4 The care I get in this practice is informed by knowledge of my community [PCPCM]
94048-6 The care I get takes into account knowledge of my family [PCPCM]