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LP16747-5   Orientia tsutsugamushi
A gram-negative, rod-shaped to coccoid bacterium. It is the etiologic agent of SCRUB TYPHUS in humans and is transmitted by mites from rodent reservoirs. Source: National Library of Medicine, MeSH 2006

LP16747-5   Orientia tsutsugamushi
Orientia tsutsugamushi is the causative organism of scrub typhus, and the natural vector and reservoir is probably trombiculid mites (genus Leptotrombidium).The organism is an obligate intracellular pathogen, which needs to infect eukaryotic cells in order to multiply. The envelope is similar to that of Gram negative bacteria, but it is not easily stained with Gram stain and the Gimenez stain is preferred. Copyright Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ for details. Source: Wikipedia, Wikipedia

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Orientia tsutsugamushi
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zh-CNChinese (China)
Synonyms: 丛林型斑疹伤寒;东方斑疹伤寒;恙虫病;恙虫病立克次体;红虫病
nl-NLDutch (Netherlands)
Orientia tsutsugamushi
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Orientia tsutsugamushi
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Orientia tsutsugamushi
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Orientia tsutsugamushi
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
Orientia tsutsugamushi
es-ESSpanish (Spain)
Orientia tsutsugamushi
Synonyms: O tsutsugamushi;R tsutsugamuchi;R tsutsugamushi;Rickettsia tsutsugamuchi;Rickettsia tsutsugamushi;Tifus de los matorrales
tr-TRTurkish (Turkey)
Orientia tsutsugamushi
Synonyms: R tsutsugamuchi