Rebooted LOINC User Forum is now live

Check out the refreshed LOINC User Forum

The LOINC team at Regenstrief is pleased to announce that we've just published a redesigned LOINC User Forum (

As you know, the LOINC User Forum is an open space for discussion among LOINC users, implementers, and enthusiasts. Hopefully you'll join in the dialogue and help others in the LOINC community learn and find answers.

For those interested in the back story, our old discussion board was getting a bit "long in the tooth", so to speak. Besides needing an updated look and functionality, it was a real pain to keep maintained. So, we bit the bullet and migrated to a new platform.

Here's a quick summary of the changes and improvements we've made:

  1. Now uses your main credentials. Yea! We've just eliminated one extra password for you to remember! For those of you with accounts on the old forum, we've used magic algorithms to match up your previous account with your main account. (If we inadvertently screwed something up in the process, please let us know). If you use a password manager or browser-based passwords, you'll probably have to teach it to use your main one.
  2. Simpler editor for basic formatting. Now you don't have to fool with the special BBcode syntax just to get a bulleted list.
  3. SSL for everything. Using https for encrypted transmissions between you and our server is better than plain http because won't expose your credentials to hackers. Plus, Google's search rank likes it better :-).
  4. Cleaner look and better readability. Including better, bigger typeface for your reading pleasure.
  5. Mobile-responsive. For all you smartphone and tablet lovers.
  6. Better, faster, more stable platform. Hopefully you don't notice this, but we do on the backend.
  7. No more user signatures. Sorry, this was a target for lots of spammers, so we've turned off the feature where you could store a signature that would get appended to each of your replies.

As before, you can still subscribe to get email updates to your posts,or to the forum as a whole (visit

Thanks for being part of the LOINC Community! Looking forward to seeing your contributions on the forum!