Regenstrief launches Community Mapping Repository and Asks for Contributions of Existing Mappings to LOINC

The LOINC team at Regenstrief Institute is cooking up some exciting new features for RELMA that will tap into the “wisdom of the crowd” in the LOINC community.

These new RELMA features will let users see how many other users have mapped to a particular LOINC code and the names of those local tests/variables.  We think these things will be particularly helpful to novice LOINC mappers.

To get this started we need your help!

Before we launch, we are looking for LOINC users who would be willing to contribute their existing mappings of local test codes to LOINC into the community repository. That way, RELMA will be seeded with some existing mappings that will be immediately useful.If you have existing mappings that you would be willing to contribute, please take a look at the data fields we need (listed at the end of this page) and send them as a database or spreadsheet by email to:


If possible, we'd love to have you send us your mappings by October 12, 2012.

Even if you're not interested, we'd be grateful if you would please take a moment and answer this question:

Please indicate why you have chosen to contribute or not contribute your mappings to the LOINC community repository?

We will be evaluating this new functionality in RELMA in a study being conducted by researchers at IUPUI that has been approved by that institution’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Any questions or concerns should be directed to Brian Dixon, via email ( or phone (317-423-5582).

Thanks for sharing!

Vreeman-Portrait.jpg Daniel J. Vreeman, PT, DPT, MSc
Assistant Research Professor, IU School of Medicine
Research Scientist, Regenstrief Institute
Dixon-Portrait.jpg Brian E. Dixon, MPA, PhD
Assistant Professor, IUPUI School of Informatics
Research Scientist, Regenstrief Institute

Information we are collecting for the community mapping repository

For each local test/observation in your set:

  • Local test code
  • Local test name/description
  • Units of measure (if applicable)
  • LOINC code it is mapped to
  • Date of mapping (could optionally be indicated for the entire set of submitted local terms)
  • Local battery/panel code (optional)
  • Local battery/panel name/description (optional)

For the entire set of submitted local terms:

  • Language of test names (if not English)
  • Version of LOINC used to do the mapping
  • Contact organization
  • Contact email
  • Contact name (optional)

Resources for creating a file of your mappings

Please send as a database or spreadsheet by email to:


If you need technical assistance extracting this information from local tests you have already mapped within RELMA, please send an email to