RELMA Version 5.6 Now Available

Current RELMA version released January 30, 2012

This is a RELMA ONLY release. No new LOINC content was added since the December 2011 release.

RELMA Fixes in this Release

This release of RELMA patches a couple of bugs we found in the version 5.5 release from December 2011.  If you plan to submit requests for new LOINC codes to Regenstrief using RELMA, we strongly encourage you to upgrade since several of the bugs relate to the Propose LOINC function. Here's the complete list:

  • Several updates to the Propose LOINC form: fix drop-down lists, new answer list button, fix for suffixes
  • Update translation index for LOINC numbers
  • Fix bug in Tree after removing a "sort grid" setting
  • On-demand Automapper now breaks tie scores using Rank (the batch mode Automapper already did)
  • Default to sorting parts by name on the Part Search grid