Updated LOINC 2.54 Linguistic Variants File published

Revised LOINC 2.54 Linguistic Variants File re-published

In our post-release review, we detected that the standalone LOINC Linguistic Variants File was not properly encoded in UTF-8. Without the proper encoding, many of the special characters in non-English languages will not appear correctly.

The LOINC Linguistic Variants File is published as a standalone file and is also included in our LOINC and RELMA Complete Package. There were no problems with the version of the file in the LOINC and RELMA Complete Package. We have now updated all of the places where the standalong file is published by Regenstrief. Since these fixes were structural in nature, the file version has not changed. (That is, we did not change things to LOINC 2.55 just because of this error...everything is still LOINC 2.54).

We try really hard to make sure things like this don't happen, but this one slipped through the cracks. We're very sorry about it and know that it stinks for those of you who already downloaded it.

If you downloaded this file between 2015 12 21 and 2016 01 11, we recommend that you re-download the file again.

We have sent an email notice to everyone who downloaded them from the LOINC website during that timeframe.

Sorry for the trouble, but still...

Happy LOINCing in 2016!