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LOINC Imaging Document Codes

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The subset of document codes in LOINC that represent imaging procedures/reports. Such documents contain a consulting specialist’s interpretation of image data and are used in Radiology, Endoscopy, Cardiology, and other imaging specialties.

At the present time, the majority of the codes for imaging documents in LOINC are radiology studies (found in the Class: RAD). A few other classes also contain imaging documents that are not readily retrievable by querying a particular attribute.

Thus, this value set represents the union of these two sets that can be expressed as the following SQL statement (which can be executed on the LOINC Table File available from http://loinc.org/downloads):

SELECT LOINC_NUM, LONG_COMMON_NAME FROM LOINC WHERE (SCALE_TYP = 'Doc' AND CLASS IN ('RAD', 'PANEL.RAD') AND NOT STATUS = 'DEPRECATED') OR (LOINC_NUM IN ('11525-3','18746-8','18753-4','18748-4','18751-8','18744-3','29757-2','42148-7','24853-4','59282-4', '59281-6','85475-2'))

Using the LOINC online search application, the value set expansion can be fulfilled with this query.

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LOINC Imaging Document Codes
Version: 1.9
Released: 2017-12-15
Size: 63 KB
Description: The list of LOINC Imaging Document Codes in a simple CSV file. Requires loinc.org account.

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Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

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