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Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC)

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Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC®) provides a set of universal codes and names for identifying laboratory and other clinical observations. One of the main goals of LOINC is to facilitate the exchange and pooling of results for clinical care, outcomes management, and research. LOINC was initiated by Regenstrief Institute research scientists who continue to develop it with the collaboration of the LOINC Committee. The LOINC table, LOINC codes, and LOINC panels and forms file are copyright © 1995-2010, Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and the LOINC Committee and available at no cost (http://loinc.org) under the license at http://loinc.org/license.

The laboratory portion of the LOINC database contains the usual clinical laboratory categories of chemistry, hematology, serology, microbiology (including parasitology and virology), toxicology; as well as categories for drugs and the cell counts, antibiotic susceptibilities, and more. The clinical portion of the LOINC database includes entries for vital signs, hemodynamics, intake/output, EKG, obstetric ultrasound, cardiac echo, radiology report titles, pulmonary ventilator management, document and section titles, patient assessment instruments (e.g. Glascow Coma Score, PHQ-9 depression scale, CMS-required patient assessment instruments), and other clinical observations.

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Regenstrief Institute, Inc.

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