LOINC grows because you ask

Since its inception, Regenstrief has developed LOINC as an open standard. We welcome requests for new LOINC terms. It is because of submissions from the LOINC community that we've been able to grow and adapt so quickly. We are also always happy to receive specific suggestions about revisions or enhancements to existing content like synonyms and term descriptions as well.

We need your help

Regenstrief has always tried to respond quickly to term submissions while balancing the review necessary for a high quality standard.  And you keep giving us positive feedback about our performance on this. We can only do it, however, if the requester provides clear and comprehensive information about the new terms.

Even with complete information supporting your submission, some requests require discussion and decision by the LOINC Committee before they are completed by Regenstrief. These are requests for things like an entirely new kind of measurement or use of LOINC codes in ways not previously agreed upon by the LOINC Committee.

LOINC Submissions Policy

By submitting requests, you agree to our submissions policy.