LOINC Release Webinar

Regenstrief Institute releases updates to LOINC twice per year, in February and August. We provide opportunities for the LOINC community to learn more about each release and ask questions of the team. A brief webinar will follow the first release of the year a few weeks after publication in February. This dedicated event is also our chance to announce plans for the year. The August release discussion is included as part of the larger, in-person and online LOINC Conference in the Fall.

Starting with the first release webinar for LOINC 2.72, below you will find a history of these events, complete with recordings and associated links.

LOINC 2.74

Running time 106 minutes
Recorded 2023-03-28
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LOINC 2.74 Release Notes
LOINC 2.74 Announcement

LOINC 2.73

Running time 14 minutes
Recorded 2022-10-24

LOINC 2.73 Release Notes
LOINC 2.73 Announcement

LOINC 2.72

Running time 93 minutes
Recorded 2022-03-09
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LOINC 2.72 Release Notes
LOINC 2.72 Announcement