LOINC Webinar

Regenstrief Institute releases updates to LOINC twice per year, in February and August. We also hold broad events with LOINC users and stakeholders twice per year, the LOINC Conference each autumn and this webinar in the spring. The annual webinar is an excellent opportunity for LOINC users and stakeholders to hear about recent updates and our plans for the year.

March 2024 Webinar

Running time 118 minutes
Recorded 2024-03-28
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March 2023 Webinar

Running time 106 minutes
Recorded 2023-03-28
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LOINC 2.74 Release Notes
LOINC 2.74 Announcement

March 2022 Webinar

Running time 93 minutes
Recorded 2022-03-09
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LOINC 2.72 Release Notes
LOINC 2.72 Announcement