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LP14699-0   Ulex europaeus I lectin
Ulex europaeus, gorse, common gorse, furze or whin is an evergreen shrub in the family Fabaceae, native to western Europe from the northerly point of the United Kingdom south to Portugal, and from the westerly point of the Republic of Ireland east to Galicia in Poland and Ukraine.

Lectin extracted from seeds of this species binds to, is remarkably specific for, and is the standard method for identification of H-substance (absent in the hh antigen system) on human red blood cells. The vast majority of humans express H-substance, which is the basis for the ABO blood group system, but a few rare individuals ("Bombay phenotype") do not-and a chemical isolated from Ulex europaeus is used to identify these individuals. Copyright Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. See for details. Source: Wikipedia, Wikipedia

Fully-Specified Name

Ulex europaeus I lectin Ag
Immune stain

Additional Names

Short Name
UEA1 Ag Tiss Ql ImStn
Display Name
Ulex europaeus I lectin Ag Immune stain Ql (Tiss)
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Ulex Europaeus I Lectin antigen, Tissue

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Version 1.0i
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Version 2.56
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The PrThr property is used for LOINC terms whose results are reported using an ordered categorical scale, regardless of whether or not an internal threshold was used to make that determination. This change was approved by the Laboratory LOINC Committee in June 2016.
Order vs. Observation

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Tag Language Translation
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) lectina I de Ulex europaeus:concentración arbitraria:punto en el tiempo:tejido, no especificado:ordinal:tinción inmunológica
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Lectina de Ulex europaeus Antígeno:PrThr:Punto temporal:Tejido:Ord:Tinción de inmunohistoquímica
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Ulex europaeus I lectina Ag:Presencia o umbral:Punto temporal:Tejido y frotis:Ordinal:Mancha inmune
fr-CA French (Canada) Lectine I d'Ulex europaeus , Ag:Présence-Seuil:Temps ponctuel:Tissu:Ordinal:Coloration immunologique
fr-FR French (France) Ulex europaeus lectine 1 antigène:Présence/Seuil:Ponctuel:Tissu:Qualitatif:Coloration immune
fr-BE French (Belgium) Lectine I d'Ulex europaeus Ag:PrThr:Temps ponctuel:Tissu:Ordinal:Coloration immunologique
Synonyms: Antigène Coloration. Méthode mmunologique
it-IT Italian (Italy) Ulex europaeus, lectina I , Ag:PrThr:Pt:Tessuto:Ord:Colorazione immunologica
Synonyms: Lectina I di Ulex europaeus Patologia Presenza o Soglia Punto nel tempo (episodio) Tessuto & Strisci
ko-KR Korean (Korea, Republic Of) Ulex europaeus I lectin Antigen:임의농도:검사시점:조직:순위척도:면역염색
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Ulex europaeus I lectin Ag:aanwezigheid:moment:weefsel en uitstrijkjes:ordinaal:immunokleuring
Synonyms: antigeen
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Ulex europaeus I lectina Ag:ACnc:Pt:Tecido:Ord:Imunocoloração
Synonyms: ; UEA1; UEA-1; Arbitrary concentration; Point in time; Random; Tissue; Ql; Ordinal; QL; Qualitative; Qual; Screen; ImStn; Immunostain; Immunohistochemical stain; IHC; Antigen; Antigens; Imun; Imune; Imm; PATHOLOGY
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Ulex europaeus I лектин Аг:PrThr:ТчкВрм:Тк:Пор:Иммуногистохимическая окраска
Synonyms: Порядковый Ткань и мазки Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Ulex europaeus I lektin Ag:MevcEşik:Zmlı:Doku:Srl:İmmün boyama
Synonyms: Antijen Mevcut
zh-CN Chinese (China) 荆豆 I 植物血凝素 抗原:存在情况或阈值:时间点:组织与涂片:序数型:免疫染色法
Synonyms: Ag I 型 UEA-1;荆豆 Ⅰ 植物血凝素;荆豆 Ⅰ凝集素;荆豆 I 凝集素;荆豆 I 凝集素(Ulex europaeus I lectin,UEA-1);荆豆 I 植物血凝素(Ulex europaeus I lectin,UEA-1) UEA-I Ag UEA-I 抗原 依次型;分类顺序型;定性的;序数型(或称等级型);性质上的;有序型;有序性分类应答;有序性分类结果;秩次型;等级型;筛查;顺序型 免疫染色;免疫组化;免疫组化染色;免疫组化染色法;免疫组化法;免疫组织化学染色;免疫组织化学染色法;细胞免疫染色;细胞免疫染色法 凝集素 外源凝集素 存在情况;存在;存在与否;是否存在;阈值;界值;界限;阀值;临界值;存在情况(存在、存在与否、是否存在)或阈值(界值、界限、阀值、临界值) 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 未作说明的组织;组织;组织 & 涂片 染法 染色方法 染色法 植物凝血素 植物种子血凝素 着色 着色方法 着色法 荆豆I凝集素 Ag 荆豆I凝集素抗原 荆豆I型凝集素 Ag 荆豆I型凝集素抗原 荆豆凝集素 Ag

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