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LP14061-3   Adenovirus
Adenoviruses, medium-sized (90-100 nm), non-enveloped icosohedral viruses with double-stranded DNA, have over 50 immunologically distinct types that cause infections in humans. Adenoviruses usually cause respiratory illness with symptoms ranging from the common cold to pneumonia, croup, and bronchitis. Adenoviruses can cause other illnesses such as gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, cystitis, and less commonly, neurological disease. Infants and individuals with weakened immune systems are at high risk for severe complications of adenovirus infection and adenoviruses commonly cause acute respiratory illness in military recruits. Some asymptomatic people infected with adenoviruses have ongoing infections in their tonsils, adenoids, and intestines and can shed the virus for months or years. The virus can persist outside the body for long periods. Adenovirus infections can be detected using antigen detection, polymerase chain reaction assay, virus isolation, and serology. Typing is usually done by hemagglutination-inhibition and/or neutralization with type-specific antisera or by molecular methods. As of October 2014 there is no adenovirus vaccine for the general public, however an oral vaccine against types 4 and 7 was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in March 2011 for U.S. military personnel. The vaccine is recommended by the U.S. Department of Defense for military recruits entering basic training in order to prevent acute respiratory disease. Most adenovirus infections are mild and typically require only treatment of symptoms. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC: Adenovirus

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Adenovirus DNA

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Adenovirus DNA RFLP Nom (Specimen)
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Adenovirus, Specimen

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Version 2.15
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Version 2.69
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'Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphysm' changed to 'RFLP' for succinctness.
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Tag Language Translation
de-DE German (Germany) Adenovirus DNA:Nachweis oder Identität:Zeitpunkt:XXX:Nominal:Restriktionsfragmentlängenpolymorphismus
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Adenovirus ADN:Presencia o identidad:Punto temporal:XXX:Nom:Polimorfismo de longitud de los fragmentos de restricción
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) ADN de adenovirus:Presencia o identidad:Punto temporal:XXX:Nominal:Polimorfisma de longitud de fragmentos de restricción (RFLP)
fr-CA French (Canada) Adénovirus , ADN:Présence ou identité:Temps ponctuel:XXX:Nominal:Polymorphisme de restriction
fr-FR French (France) Adénovirus ADN:Identification:Ponctuel:Milieux divers:Résultat nominal:Polymorphisme de restriction
fr-BE French (Belgium) Adénovirus ADN:Présence ou identité:Temps ponctuel:XXX:Nominal:Polymorphisme de restriction
Synonyms: RFLP
it-IT Italian (Italy) Adenovirus DNA:Prid:Pt:XXX:Nom:RFLP
Synonyms: Microbiologia Polimorfismo di lunghezza dei frammento di restrizione (RFLP) Presenza o Identità Punto nel tempo (episodio)
ko-KR Korean (Korea, Republic Of) 아데노바이러스 디옥시리보핵산:존재:검사시점:XXX:명칭결과:제한 효소 단편장다형
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Adenovirus DNA:identificator:moment:XXX:nominaal:RFLP
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Adenowirus DNA:wykrycie lub identyfikacja:punkt w czasie:XXX:cecha:polimorfizm długości fragmentów restrykcyjnych (RFLP)
Synonyms: Adenowirus DNA Adenowirusa
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Adenovírus DNA:Ident:Pt:XXX:Nom:Analise do polimorfismo dos fragmentos de restrição (RFLP)
Synonyms: Deoxyribonucleic acid; HAdV; Adeno virus; Identity or presence; Point in time; Random; Misc; Miscellaneous; Unspecified; Other; Nominal; Restriction fragment length polymorphism; Microbiology
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Adenovirus DNA:MevcKimlik:Zmlı:XXX:Snf:RFLP
zh-CN Chinese (China) 腺病毒 DNA:存在与否或特征标识:时间点:XXX:名义型:限制性片段长度多态性类实验室方法
Synonyms: AdV;AV;腙样病毒;腺样病毒 RFLP RFLP 类实验室方法;限制性片段长度多态性;限制性片段长度多态性(Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphysm,RFLP);限制性片段长度多态性方法;限制性片段长度多态性类方法;限制性片段长度多态性类检验方法 不明的;其他;将在相应消息内其他部分之中加以详细说明;未作详细说明的;未作说明的;未做说明的标本;未加规定的;未加说明的标本;杂项 分类型应答;分类型结果;名义性;名称型;名词型;名词性;标称性;没有自然次序的名义型或分类型应答 去氧核糖核酸;脱氧核糖核酸 去氧核糖核酸;脱氧核糖核酸;脱氧核糖核酸(Deoxyribonucleic acid,DNA) 存在;存在与否;特征标识;身份;身份标识 微生物学;微生物学试验;微生物学试验(培养、DNA、抗原及抗体) 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 限制性片段长度多态性(Restriction fragment length polymorphism,RFLP) 限制片段长度多态性

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