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LP31553-8   Cystatin C
Cystatin C is a miniscule protein that is secreted by all cells containing a nucleus. Cystatin C is usually filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and broken down without being excreted in the urine. Because cystatin C is supposed to be processed by the kidneys, an excess amount of cystatin C could be a sign of kidney disease/malfunction. Cystatin C content in the blood can be tested as an alternative method to testing creatinine in evaluating kidney function. Furthermore, a low blood cystatin C concentration could indicate arthritis, atherosclerosis, aortic aneurism, emphysema, and cancer. [PMID:24570004] [Lab Tests Online:cystatin-c/tab/test] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Fully-Specified Name

Cystatin C

Additional Names

Short Name
Cystatin C 24h Ur-mCnc
Display Name
Cystatin C (24H U) [Mass/Vol]
Consumer Name Alpha
Cystatin C, Urine

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.27
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Version 2.70
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LOINC Group Group Name
LG36393-3 Cystatin C|MCnc|Urine

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Tag Language Translation
zh-CN Chinese (China) 半胱氨酸蛋白酶抑制剂 C:质量浓度:24小时:尿液:定量型:
Synonyms: 1天;1日;24.0小时;一天;一日;二十四个小时;二十四小时 C 型;丙;丙型 化学;化学检验项目;化学检验项目类;化学类;化学试验;非刺激耐受型化学检验项目;非刺激耐受型化学检验项目类;非刺激耐受型化学试验;非刺激耐受型化学试验类 半胱胺酸蛋白酶抑制蛋白 C;细胞外巯基蛋白酶抑制物;胱抑素 C 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 尿;小便;下泉 水平;浓度;质量浓度(单位体积)
fr-CA French (Canada) Cystatine C:Concentration de masse:24 h:Urine:Quantitatif:
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) Tsüstatiin C:MCnc:24 tunni:U:Qn:
Synonyms: Kvantitatiivne Uriin
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Cistatina C:#N/A:24H:Urina:Qn:
Synonyms: Mass concentration; Level; 1 day; 24 hours; 24HR; Ur; UR; Urn; UA; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; Chemistry
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Cistatina C:Concentración de masa:24 horas:Orina:Qn:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Cistatina C:MCnc:24h:Urine:Qn:
Synonyms: 24 Ore Chimica Concentrazione di Massa
fr-FR French (France) Cystatine C:Masse/Volume:24H:Urine:Numérique:
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Sistatin C:KütlKons:24Sa:İdrar:Kant:
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Цистатин C:МассКонц:24 часа:Моча:Колич:
Synonyms: Количественный Массовая концентрация
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) cystatine C:massa/volume:24 uur:urine:kwantitatief:
Synonyms: 24U
fr-BE French (Belgium) Cystatine C:Concentration de masse:24 h:Urine:Quantitatif:
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Cistatina C:Concentración de masa:24H:Orina:Cuantitativo:

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