Version 2.77

Reference Information

Type Source Reference
Webcontent National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (National Institutes of Health) Link to NHLBI

Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
55417-0 Short blood pressure panel
Indent8480-6 Systolic blood pressure R mm[Hg]
Indent8462-4 Diastolic blood pressure R mm[Hg]
Indent8357-6 Blood pressure method O
Indent41904-4 Blood pressure measurement site O
Indent8358-4 Blood pressure device Cuff size O cm
Indent8361-8 Body position with respect to gravity O
Indent8867-4 Heart rate O {beats}/min;{counts/min}

Fully-Specified Name

Short blood pressure panel

Additional Names

Short Name
Short BP Pnl

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.27
Last Updated
Version 2.66
Order vs. Observation
Panel Type

Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name
74028-2 Virtual Medical Record for Clinical Decision Support panel HL7.VMR-CDS

Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Panel de presión arterial corto:-:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:-:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Pressione sanguigna, panel ridotto:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:
Synonyms: Panel pressione sanguigna Panel ridotto pressione arteriosa paziente Punto nel tempo (episodio) Set di prescrizione cartella clinica pubblica
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Painel de pressão sanguínea baixa:#N/A:Pt:^Paciente:-:
Synonyms: ; Short BP Pnl; Point in time; Random; Pan; Panl; PHR panels
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Краткая артериальное давление панель:-:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:-:
Synonyms: Точка во времени;Момент
zh-CN Chinese (China) 简版血压组套:-:时间点:^患者:-:
Synonyms: 医嘱套餐 医嘱套餐类 医嘱套餐组 医嘱组 医嘱组合 医嘱组合类 医嘱组套 医嘱组套类 医嘱组类 医疗服务对象;客户;病人;病患;病号;超系统 - 病人 压强 多重;多重型;多重标尺类型;多重精度类型 套餐 套餐医嘱 套餐医嘱组 套餐医嘱组类 实验室医嘱套餐 实验室医嘱套餐类 实验室医嘱组 实验室医嘱组合类 实验室医嘱组套 实验室医嘱组套类 实验室套餐医嘱组 实验室套餐医嘱组类 实验室检验项目医嘱组合类 实验室检验项目组合类 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 检验医嘱组合类 检验项目医嘱组合类 检验项目组合类 简版血压组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目);简要血压医嘱组;简单血压医嘱组;简洁血压医嘱组 组 组合 组合医嘱 组合类 组套 组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目).个人健康档案 血;全血 血压组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目);血压组套;血压组合

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