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LP174102-6   von Willebrand factor.ristocetin cofactor activity actual/Normal
Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is caused by either a qualitative or quantitative deficit of the multimeric glycoprotein known as von Willebrand factor (VWF). VWD affects 1-2% of the world population, making it the most common inherited bleeding disorder. VWF plays a crucial role in primary hemostasis by triggering platelet adhesion to injured vessel walls and promoting platelet aggregation. VWF also protects factor VIII from premature degradation in the peripheral circulation. To diagnose VWD, there are several tests that must be run including ristocetin cofactor activity, VWF antigen quantitative assay, Factor VIII activity, and collagen binding assay. Additional tests are needed to determine the subtype of VWD. The ristocetin cofactor activity can be measured using platelet aggregation or platelet agglutination. Both of these assays measure the agglutination of platelets by VWF in the presence of Ristocetin. The platelets are agglutinated when VWF combines with glycoprotein Ibα-V-IX receptors on the platelets. The agglutination causes a decrease in turbidity of the mixture and an increase of light transmitted through the test cuvette. The amount of increased light transmission correlates with the activity of the VWF. PMID: 28804849 PMID: 21186048 Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Reference Information

Type Source Reference
Mapping Guidance Regenstrief Help Measures the activity of vWF protein, reported as a % of normal in the presence of Ristocetin. Mapper’s Guide for the Top 2000 plus LOINC Laboratory Observations

Fully-Specified Name

von Willebrand factor.ristocetin cofactor activity actual/Normal
Platelet aggr

Additional Names

Short Name
vWf:RCo Act/Nor PPP Pl Agg
Display Name
vWf ristocetin cofactor act actual/normal Platelet aggregation (PPP) [Relative time]
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vWf ristocetin cofactor act actual/normal, Blood

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 1.0d
Last Updated
Version 2.73
Change Reason
Changed Order_Obs from 'Observation Only' to fit the current order use cases.; Updated Method from 'Aggr' to 'Platelet aggr' because the two are duplicates and 'Platelet aggr' is more commonly used in LOINC
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Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name
44791-2 Menorrhagia coagulation panel - Platelet poor plasma
48593-8 von Willebrand panel - Platelet poor plasma

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Tag Language Translation
de-AT German (Austria) Synonyms: vWF-Ristoc.Kof.Akt.
de-DE German (Germany) von Willebrand-Faktor.Ristocetin Cofaktor-Aktivität aktuell/normal:Zeitverhältnis:Zeitpunkt:Thrombozytenarmes Plasma:Quantitativ:Thrombozytenaggregation
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) factor de von Willebrand.actividad del cofactor de ristocetina:tiempo relativo:punto en el tiempo:plasma desplaquetado:cuantitativo:agregación
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Factor Von Willebrand. Actividad del cofactorde la ristocetina actual/normal:Tiempo relativo:Punto temporal:Plasma pobre en plaquetas:Qn:Agregación plaquetaria
Synonyms: Cuantitativo
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Factor de von Willebrand Actividad del cofactor de ristocetina real / Normal:Tiempo relativo:Punto temporal:Plasma pobre en plaquetas:Cuantitativo:La agregación plaquetaria
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) Von Willebrandi faktor.ristotsetiini kofaktori aktiivsus tegelik/normaalne:RelTime:Pt:PPP:Qn:Trombotsüütide agregatsioon
Synonyms: Juhuslik Kvantitatiivne Suhteline aeg Trombotsüütidevaene plasma
fr-CA French (Canada) Cofacteur de la ristocétine.facteur de von Willebrand , Mesuré/normal:Temps relatif:Temps ponctuel:Plasma pauvre en plaquettes:Quantitatif:Agrégation plaquettaire
fr-FR French (France) Facteur Willebrand activité cofacteur ristocétine Patient (%):Temps relatif:Ponctuel:Plasma pauvre en plaquettes:Numérique:Agrégation plaquettaire
fr-BE French (Belgium) Cofacteur de la ristocétine.facteur de von Willebrand Mesuré/normal:Temps relatif:Temps ponctuel:Plasma pauvre en plaquettes:Quantitatif:Agrégation plaquettaire
Synonyms: Fvw Mesuré/normal
it-IT Italian (Italy) von Willebrand, fattore.attività cofattore ristocetina effettivo/normale:RelTime:Pt:PPP:Qn:Aggr piastrinica
Synonyms: Aggregazione piastrinica Attività del cofattore ristocetina del fattore di Cofattore ristocetina del fattore di von Willebran Fattore di von Willebrand (vWf) Plasma povero di piastrine Punto nel tempo (episodio) Studio di coagulazione Tempo Relativo
ko-KR Korean (Korea, Republic Of) 폰 빌레브란트 인자.리스토세틴 보조인자 활성도 실제값/정상범위:상대시간:검사시점:혈소판제거혈장:정량:응집
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) von Willebrand-factor.ristocetinecofactor activiteit gemeten/normaal:relatieve tijd:moment:plaatjesarm plasma:kwantitatief:trombocytenaggregatie
Synonyms: coagulatiemethode gemeten/normaal plaatjesaggregatie
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Czynnik von Willebranda.aktywność kofaktora rystocetyny badane/prawidłowe:względna jednostka czasu:punkt w czasie:osocze ubogopłytkowe:ilościowy:agregacja płytek
Synonyms: Czynnik von Willebranda (vWf) Czynnik von Willebranda aktywność kofaktora rystocetyny PPP
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Fator Von Willebrand.Cofator Ristocetina atividade verdadeira/Normal:RelTime:Pt:PPPQ:Qn:Agregação
Synonyms: ; vWf:RCo; Von willebrand factor activity; vWf Activity; vWf:RCo; Risto; AggRecetin; Movements; Nor; RlTm; Point in time; Random; Platelet poor plasma; Plas; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; Aggregation; Agg; Aggreg; Act/Nor; Vonwillebrand; Von will; Control; Fac; Fact; Cofact; Actvty; Activ; COAGULATION
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) von Willebrand faktörü.ristocetin kofaktör aktivitesi gerçek/normal:GörZmn:Zmlı:TFkP:Kant:Trombosit agreg
zh-CN Chinese (China) von Willebrand 因子.瑞斯托菌素辅助因子活性 实际的/正常的:相对时间:时间点:贫血小板血浆:定量型:血小板聚集试验法
Synonyms: PAgT;PAgT 法;聚集试验;聚集试验法;血小板聚集;血小板聚集法;血小板聚集试验 von Willebrand von Willebrand 因子(von Willebrand Factor,vWf);vWf;vWf 因子;血管性假血友病因子;血管性血友病因子 von Willebrand 因子(vWf 因子、血管性假血友病因子、血管性血友病因子).瑞斯托菌素辅助因子活性;von Willebrand 因子.瑞斯托菌素辅助因子(利托菌素辅助因子、瑞斯托菌素辅因子、瑞斯托霉素辅助因子、瑞斯西丁素辅助因子、Ristocetin 因子)活性;von Willebrand 因子.瑞斯托菌素辅助因子 von willebrand因子(vWf 因子、血管性假血友病因子、血管性血友病因子).瑞斯托菌素辅助因子;von willebrand因子.瑞斯托菌素辅助因子(利托菌素辅助因子、瑞斯托菌素辅因子、瑞斯托霉素辅助因子、瑞斯西丁素辅助因子、Ristocetin 因子);vWf 因子瑞斯托菌素辅助因子 乏血小板血浆;Platelet poor plasma;PPP 冯·威勒布兰德 冯威勒布兰德 冯威勒布兰德氏 凝血功能;凝血功能试验;凝血过程;血液凝固;血液凝固功能;血液凝固过程 利托菌素;瑞斯托霉素;瑞斯西丁素;瑞期托菌素;Ristocetin 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 因素 实测值 实测值/正常值;实际/正常;实际值/正常值;实际测定值/正常值 实测的 实际值 对照 对照标准 对照物 对照的 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 正常的 活动 系数 辅因子

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