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62817-2PhenX - integrated fitness - adult protocol 150201Trial

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Fitness tests used to assess a person's muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. Adult tests include half sit-ups (abdominal muscle strength), standard or modified push-ups (upper body muscle strength), and the "sit and reach" (flexibility). It is recommended that these fitness tests are performed with a partner. Note: the aerobic fitness test from the President's Challenge is a separate protocol. See the Aerobic Capacity measure.
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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
62817-2 PhenX - integrated fitness - adult protocol 150201
Indent66242-9 The number of half sit-ups performed in one minute {#}/(30.s)
Indent46098-0 Sex
Indent66212-2 Number of push-ups completed {#}
Indent66241-1 Stretch attempt [PhenX]
Indent66213-0 Location of fingertips during first stretch [in_us]
Indent66243-7 Fingertips touch with right arm behind the back and left arm behind the head

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PhenX - integrated fitness - adult protocol 150201

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Integrated fitness adult proto

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Version 2.36
Last Updated
Version 2.66
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Updated the PhenX ID from "PhenX.<ID>" to "PX<ID>" in Survey Question Source field to align with the variable identifier used in the PhenX Toolkit.; Added the PhenX protocol ID to the Component to clearly define the protocol version for which this panel is based upon.
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Reference Information

Type Source Reference
Citation Consensus measures for Phenotypes and Exposures President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The Presidents Challenge Adult Fitness Test. 2008. Available at the President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test website.
Citation Consensus measures for Phenotypes and Exposures The Half Sit-Up Test and Sit and Reach were used with permission from Fitness Testing and Assessment Manual, 4th ed. © 2000 by YMCA of the USA, Chicago. All rights reserved.
Citation Consensus measures for Phenotypes and Exposures The Standard and Modified Push-Up Test was used with permission from the Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas 12330 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230. Additional information is available at the Cooper Institute website.

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LOINC Long Common Name
62812-3 PhenX domain - Physical activity and physical fitness

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zh-CNChinese (China)
PhenX - 综合体质 - 成年人方案 150201:-:时间点:^患者:-:PhenX
it-ITItalian (Italy)
PhenX - fitness integrato - adulto, protocollo:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:PhenX
ru-RURussian (Russian Federation)
PhenX - общая физическая форма - взрослый протокол:-:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:-:PhenX

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