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LP16487-8   Reticulocytes
Reticulocytes are immature red blood cells (RBC), comprising about 1% of the red cells in the human body. They develop and mature in the bone marrow and then circulate for about a day in the blood before developing into mature RBC. Like mature RBC, reticulocytes do not have a nucleus. They are called reticulocytes because of a reticular (mesh-like) network of ribosomal RNA that is visible under a microscope. Reticulocytes appear slightly bluer than other RBC when stained with Romanowsky stain. Reticulocytes are also slightly larger and thus can be identified as a high mean corpuscular volume during a full blood count done by machine. Copyright Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. See for details. Source: Wikipedia, Reticulocytes (Wikipedia)

LP16487-8   Reticulocytes
In humans, reticulocytes are erythroid cells that have just undergone extrusion of their nucleus. They still contain some organelles that gradually decrease in number as the cells mature. Ribosomes are last to disappear. Certain staining techniques cause components of the ribosomes to precipitate into characteristic "reticulum" (not the same as the endoplasmic retuculum), hence the name reticulocytes. Source: National Library of Medicine, MeSH 2006

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Retics # Fetus Manual
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Reticulocytes Manual cnt (Bld fetus) [#/Vol]
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Fetal Reticulocytes

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es-ES Spanish (Spain) Reticulocitos:Concentración de número:Punto temporal:Sangre^Feto:Qn:Contaje manual
Synonyms: Cuantitativo
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Reticulocitos:Concentración numérica:Punto temporal:Sangre ^ Feto:Cuantitativo:Conteo manual
fr-CA French (Canada) Réticulocytes:Concentration numérique:Temps ponctuel:Sang^Foetus:Quantitatif:Numération manuelle
fr-FR French (France) Réticulocytes:Nombre/Volume:Ponctuel:Sang du foetus:Numérique:Comptage manuel
fr-BE French (Belgium) Réticulocytes:Concentration numérique:Temps ponctuel:Sang^Foetus:Quantitatif:Numération manuelle
it-IT Italian (Italy) Reticolociti:NCnc:Pt:Sangue^feto:Qn:Conta manuale
Synonyms: Concentrazione Numerica Ematologia (coagulazione) conta differenziale Punto nel tempo (episodio) Sangue
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) reticulocyten:aantal/volume:moment:bloed^foetus:kwantitatief:manuele telling
Synonyms: handmatige methode handmatige telling
pl-PL Polish (Poland) Retykulocyty:stężenie liczbowe:punkt w czasie:krew^płód:ilościowy:zliczanie ręczne
Synonyms: koncentracja
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Ретикулоциты:КолОб:ТчкВрм:Кр^Плод:Колич:Ручной подсчет
Synonyms: Количественный Количество в объеме Кровь Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Retikülositler:SayKons:Zmlı:Kan^Fetus:Kant:Manuel sayım
Synonyms: El ile
zh-CN Chinese (China) 网织红细胞:计数型浓度:时间点:全血^胎儿:定量型:手工计数方法
Synonyms: 人工计数;人工计数方法;人工计数法;手工计数;手工计数法 单位体积内的数量或计数;数量型浓度(单位体积);数量或计数型浓度(计数/体积);数量或计数型浓度(单位体积);计数型浓度(单位体积) 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 实验室手工方法;手工;手工法;手工类实验室方法;手工类方法;手工类检验方法 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 网状红血球;网状红血细胞;网织红 胎;超系统 - 胎儿 血;血液 血液学/细胞计数;血液学与细胞计数

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