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Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
70300-9 ESRD dialysis adequacy panel
Indent70958-4 Dialysis method [ESRD]
Indent70959-2 Protein catabolic rate adjusted for body weight based on Serum or Plasma [Calculated] g/h
Indent70950-1 Residual renal function testing performed [ESRD]
Indent70951-9 Interdialytic time [ESRD]
Indent71339-6 Urea renal clearance/1.73 sq M--hemodialysis Urine and Serum or Plasma [ESRD]
Indent71341-2 Kt/V.Peritoneal Dialysis [Percent of body weight] {ratio}
Indent70963-4 Kt/V.Peritoneal Dialysis [Hume] {ratio}
Indent70964-2 Kt/V.Peritoneal Dialysis [Watson] {ratio}
Indent70960-0 Kt/V.Peritoneal Dialysis {ratio}
Indent2160-0 Creatinine [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma mg/dL
Indent33882-2 Collection date of Specimen
Indent70966-7 Kt/V.Hemodialysis [UKM] {ratio}
Indent70965-9 Kt/V.Hemodialysis [Daugirdas II] {ratio}
Indent71342-0 Kt/V.Hemodialysis [Derived] {ratio}
Indent70961-8 Kt/V.Hemodialysis {ratio}
Indent33882-2 Collection date of Specimen
Indent70952-7 Date of peritoneal dialysis adequacy measurement [ESRD]
Indent70953-5 Body surface area measurement method
Indent70954-3 Standard process followed for residual renal function assessed in calculating Kt/V [ESRD]
Indent70955-0 Prescription changed following the peritoneal dialysis adequacy measurement [ESRD]
Indent11065-0 Urea nitrogen [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma --pre dialysis mg/dL
Indent11064-3 Urea nitrogen [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma --post dialysis mg/dL
Indent8347-7 Body weight Measured --pre dialysis [lb_av];kg
Indent8344-4 Body weight Measured --post dialysis [lb_av];kg
Indent70956-8 Minutes of hemodialysis completed when BUN drawn [ESRD] min
Indent8302-2 Body height [in_us];cm;m
Indent70962-6 Body weight Measured --at peritoneal dialysis adequacy measurement [lb_av];kg
Indent70957-6 Creatinine clearance corrected for body surface area using standard methods [ESRD]
Indent48788-4 Creatinine peritoneal dialysis clearance mL/min
Indent48789-2 Creatinine peritoneal dialysis clearance/1.73 sq M mL/min
Indent13495-7 Volume of 24 hour Dialysis fluid L
Indent12979-1 Urea nitrogen [Mass/volume] in Peritoneal dialysis fluid --24 hour specimen mg/L
Indent57726-2 Creatinine [Mass/volume] in 24 hour Peritoneal dialysis fluid mg/dL
Indent3167-4 Volume of 24 hour Urine L
Indent12967-6 Urea nitrogen [Mass/volume] in 24 hour Urine mg/dL
Indent20624-3 Creatinine [Mass/volume] in 24 hour Urine mg/dL
Indent3094-0 Urea nitrogen [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma mg/dL

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Dialysis adequacy panel

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Version 2.40
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Version 2.42
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