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Term Description

This panel was created for, but not limitied in use to, the Cancer Diagnosis Observation section of the HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA© Release 2: Reporting to Public Health Cancer Registries from Ambulatory Healthcare Providers.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Part Description

LP186039-6   TNM pathologic staging after surgery panel
The TNM pathologic stage as recorded by the ambulatory healthcare provider (physician), provides detailed site-specific information on the progression of disease for the cancer or tumor and is based on information acquired before treatment and modified by the additional evidence acquired during and from surgery, particularly from pathologic examination of resected tissues. Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
75621-3 TNM pathologic staging after surgery panel Cancer
Indent21899-0 Primary tumor.pathology Cancer
Indent21900-6 Regional lymph nodes.pathology [Class] Cancer
Indent21901-4 Distant metastases.pathology [Class] Cancer
Indent21902-2 Stage group.pathology Cancer
Indent21903-0 Descriptor.pathology Cancer Narrative
Indent21904-8 Stager.pathology Cancer
Indent21917-0 Version used [Identifier] TNM classification

Fully-Specified Name

TNM pathologic staging after surgery panel

Additional Names

Short Name
TNM pathologic staging Pnl Cancer

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.50
Last Updated
Version 2.50
Order vs. Observation
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Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Panel de estadificación patológica tras cirugía TNM:-:Punto temporal:Cancer.XXX:-:
it-IT Italian (Italy) TNM stadazione patologica dopo intervento chirurgico, panel:-:Pt:Cancro.XXX:-:
Synonyms: Cancro XXX Neoplasia maligna Operazione chirurgica Panel di Oncologia Panel intervento chirurgico Punto nel tempo (episodio)
zh-CN Chinese (China) 外科手术后 TNM 病理学分期组套:-:时间点:癌.XXX:-:
Synonyms: TNM 病理学分期 不明癌;不明癌症;未作说明的癌;未作说明的癌症;癌.不明;癌.未作说明的;癌症.XXX;癌症.不明;癌症.未作说明的;此处未作说明的癌 不明的;其他;将在相应消息内其他部分之中加以详细说明;未作详细说明的;未作说明的;未做说明的标本;未加规定的;未加说明的标本;杂项 分级;阶段划分;等级划分 医嘱套餐 医嘱套餐类 医嘱套餐组 医嘱组 医嘱组合 医嘱组合类 医嘱组套 医嘱组套类 医嘱组类 国际 TNM 分期法 外科手术(手术)组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目) 外科手术后(手术后、外科学手术后、术后) TNM 病理学(病理)分期组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目) 多重;多重型;多重标尺类型;多重精度类型 套餐 套餐医嘱 套餐医嘱组 套餐医嘱组类 实验室医嘱套餐 实验室医嘱套餐类 实验室医嘱组 实验室医嘱组合类 实验室医嘱组套 实验室医嘱组套类 实验室套餐医嘱组 实验室套餐医嘱组类 实验室检验项目医嘱组合类 实验室检验项目组合类 手术;外科;外科学;手术室 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 检验医嘱组合类 检验项目医嘱组合类 检验项目组合类 癌 组 组合 组合医嘱 组合类 组套 组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目).肿瘤学;肿瘤学组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目);肿瘤学组套 肿瘤, 淋巴结, 转移 肿瘤, 淋巴结, 转移(Tumor, node, metastasis,TNM)

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