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The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends assessing left ventricular wall motion by angiography using a seven segment model with right and left anterior oblique views, compared to the 17 segment model the AHA recommends for assessing segmental wall motion by echocardiography. The seven segments of the left ventricle wall are as follows: 1) anterobasal wall; 2) anterolateral wall; 3) apical wall; 4) diaphragmatic or inferior wall; 5) posterobasal wall; 6) septal wall; and 7) posterolateral wall. PMID: 1116248 When mapping be aware that the wall segments used in angiography are different from those in echocardiography and we have different LOINC codes for each method.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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LP73332-6   Segmental wall motion
Myocardial function is assessed based on wall motion of the ventricular segments. Wall motion includes wall thickening and endocardial motion. Abnormal segmental wall motion may result from a variety of disorders, including coronary artery stenoses, myocardial scarring, myocarditis, sarcoidosis, stress-induced (takotsubo) cardiomyopathy, and left bundle branch block or other conduction abnormalities. The American Society of Echocardiography recommends the following wall motion scoring system: 1) normal or hyperkinetic; 2) hypokinetic (reduced thickening); 3) akinetic (absent or negligible thickening, e.g., scar); and 4) dyskinetic (systolic thinning or stretching, e.g., aneurysm). PMID: 25559473 Source: Regenstrief LOINC, PMID: 25559473

Fully-Specified Name

Segmental wall motion
Heart.ventricle.left.lateral posterior

Additional Names

Short Name post SWM by Angiogram

Example Answer List: LL3681-5

Source: American Society of Echocardiography
Answer Code Score Answer ID
Normal or hyperkinetic LA24346-1
Hypokinetic LA9283-8
Mildly hypokinetic LA9282-0
Severely hypokinetic LA28647-8
Akinetic LA9284-6
Dyskinetic LA9285-3
Unable to determine LA11137-9

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Version 2.54
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Version 2.54
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LOINC Long Common Name
78950-3 Left ventricle Segmental wall motion panel by Angiogram

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Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Movimiento segmentario de la pared:Tipo:Punto temporal:Corazón.ventrículo.izquierdo.lateral posterior:Ordinal:Angiogram
it-IT Italian (Italy) Parete segmentale, movimento:Osservazione:Pt:Cuore.ventricolo.sinistro.laterale posteriore:Ord:Angiogramma
Synonyms: Angiogramma cardiaco Movimento di parete segmentale Osservazione Procedure cardiache Punto nel tempo (episodio) Ventricolo cardiaco Ventricolo cardiaco laterale posteriore sinistro Ventricolo cardiaco Sinistro
zh-CN Chinese (China) 节段性壁运动:发现:时间点:心脏.心室.左侧.侧面后部:序数型:血管造影
Synonyms: L Lat LT 依次型;分类顺序型;定性的;序数型(或称等级型);性质上的;有序型;有序性分类应答;有序性分类结果;秩次型;等级型;筛查;顺序型 侧 侧位(Lateral,Lat) 侧位的 侧向 侧向的 侧的 侧面 侧面的 发现是一个原子型临床观察指标,并不是作为印象的概括陈述。体格检查、病史、系统检查及其他此类观察指标的属性均为发现。它们的标尺对于编码型发现可能是名义型,而对于叙述型文本之中所报告的发现,则可能是叙述型。;发现物;所见;结果;结论 向左 向左侧 外侧 外侧的 室壁运动 左 左侧(Left,LT,L) 左向 左心室;心.室.左侧;心.心室.左侧;心脏.室.左侧 左边 心 心.室;心.心室;心室;心脏.室 心脏病学 心脏血管造影;心脏血管造影照片;心脏血管造影片;血管造影照片;血管造影片 旁开的 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 节段性室壁运动

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