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The General Practitioner assessment of Cognition (GPCOG) is a screening tool for cognitive impairment and designed for primary care settings. PMID: 11943052 The GPCOG consists of two parts: a cognitive assessment conducted with the patient and an informant questionnaire, which is only performed if the results of the cognitive assessment are inconclusive, i.e. patient scores between 5-8 out of 9. If the patient scores between 0-4 on the cognitive assessment, then cognitive impairment is indicated. If patient scores 9 (all answers are correct), no significant cognitive impairment is observed and further testing not necessary. For the informant questionnaire, if the patient scores 0-3 out of 6, cognitive impairment is indicated.
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Panel Hierarchy

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LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
79115-2 General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition [GPCOG]
Indent79117-8 Patient Examination R
IndentIndent79105-3 Time Orientation.What is the date? R
IndentIndent79150-9 Clock Drawing (Visuospatial functioning) R
IndentIndentIndent79106-1 Please mark in all the numbers to indicate the hours of a clock R
IndentIndentIndent79107-9 Please mark in hands to show 10 minutes past eleven o'clock (11:10) R
IndentIndent79108-7 Information.Can you tell me something that happened in the news recently? R
IndentIndent79104-6 What was the name and address I asked you to remember? R
IndentIndentIndent79109-5 John R
IndentIndentIndent79110-3 Brown R
IndentIndentIndent79111-1 42 R
IndentIndentIndent79112-9 West (St) R
IndentIndentIndent79113-7 Kensington R
IndentIndent79114-5 Total correct (out of 9) R {score}
Indent79116-0 Informant Interview C
IndentIndent79118-6 Does the patient have more trouble remembering things that have happened recently than s/he used to? R
IndentIndent79119-4 Does he or she have more trouble recalling conversations a few days later? R
IndentIndent79120-2 When speaking, does the patient have more difficulty in finding the right word or tend to use the wrong words more often? R
IndentIndent79121-0 Is the patient less able to manage money and financial affairs (e.g. paying bills, budgeting)? R
IndentIndent79122-8 Is the patient less able to manage his or her medication independently? R
IndentIndent79123-6 Does the patient need more assistance with transport (either private or public)? R
IndentIndent79124-4 Total score (out of 6) R {score}

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General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition

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Version 2.54
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Version 2.54
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