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This term is used for assays that detect Dengue virus RNA in donor plasma. This term was created for, but is not limited in use to, the submitter's cobas DENV assay.
Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Part Description

LP186178-2   Dengue virus RNA
Dengue virus is a member of the family Flaviviridae. There are four subtypes of the virus that are 60-80% homologous to one another which contributes to the difficulty in the development of a vaccine. The dengue virus is endemic in tropical and subtropical climates where the mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus that transmit the virus are widespread. Symptoms of dengue fever occur after a four day incubation and have an acute phase of five days. Symptoms of infection include fever, discrete macular or maculopapular rash. Subsequent infection of different subtypes can lead to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and Dengue Shock Syndrome with more severe symptoms and higher mortality rates.[][] Molecular tests such as one-step real time RT-PCR are broadly available to detect the dengue virus during the acute phase of illness.[] Source: Regenstrief LOINC

Fully-Specified Name

Dengue virus RNA

Additional Names

Short Name
DENV RNA Plas Donr Ql NAA+probe
Display Name
DENV RNA NAA+probe Ql (P donor)
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Dengue virus, Donor Blood

Example Answer List: LL2888-7

Source: Roche Diagnostics International
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Tag Language Translation
de-DE German (Germany) Dengue-Virus RNA:Nachweis oder Schwellenwert:Zeitpunkt:Plasma^Donor:Ordinal:Zielfragmentamplifikation mit Sondendetektion
es-ES Spanish (Spain) Virus del Denge RNA:PrThr:Punto temporal:Plasma^donante:Ord:Sonda con amplificación dirigida
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) ARN del virus del dengue:Presencia o umbral:Punto temporal:Plasma ^ Donante:Ordinal:Amplificación de ácidos nucleicos con detección de sonda
fr-CA French (Canada) Virus de la dengue , ARN:Présence-Seuil:Temps ponctuel:Plasma^Donneur:Ordinal:Sonde avec amplification de la cible
fr-FR French (France) Dengue virus ARN:Présence/Seuil:Ponctuel:Plasma du donneur:Qualitatif:PCR amplification de cible
fr-BE French (Belgium) Virus de la dengue ARN:PrThr:Temps ponctuel:Plasma^Donneur:Ordinal:Sonde avec amplification de la cible
it-IT Italian (Italy) Dengue virus RNA:PrThr:Pt:Plasma^donatore:Ord:Sonda.amp.tar
Synonyms: Microbiologia Plasma Presenza o Soglia Punto nel tempo (episodio) Sonda con amplificazione Sonda con amplificazione del target Sonda di DNA
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) Denguevirus RNA:aanwezigheid:moment:plasma^donor:ordinaal:moleculaire techniek (PCR)
Synonyms: probe.amp.tar
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Денге вирус РНК:PrThr:ТчкВрм:Плаз^донор:Пор:Проба.усил.миш
Synonyms: ДНК проба;ДНК зонд Плазма Порядковый Проба с мишени усилением Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Dengue virüsü RNA:MevcEşik:Zmlı:Plaz^verici:Srl:Prob.amf.hdf
Synonyms: Mevcut
zh-CN Chinese (China) 登革热病毒 RNA:存在情况或阈值:时间点:血浆^供体:序数型:探针法.基因扩增.靶向
Synonyms: DENV;地方性蔷薇疹热;登革热;登革病毒;黄病毒 传染毒;传染毒素;滤过性病原体;病毒类;过滤性病原体 供血者;捐献者;捐赠者;给予体;给体;超系统 - 供体 依次型;分类顺序型;定性的;序数型(或称等级型);性质上的;有序型;有序性分类应答;有序性分类结果;秩次型;等级型;筛查;顺序型 借助扩增的探针方法;借助扩增的探针法;探针法.扩增 借助靶向扩增的探针方法;借助靶向扩增的探针法;探针法.扩增.靶向 存在情况;存在;存在与否;是否存在;阈值;界值;界限;阀值;临界值;存在情况(存在、存在与否、是否存在)或阈值(界值、界限、阀值、临界值) 微生物学;微生物学试验;微生物学试验(培养、DNA、抗原及抗体) 扩增型 扩增性 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 核糖核酸;Ribonucleic acid 经过扩增的 脱氧核糖核酸探针

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