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The renal replacement therapy (RRT) goals panel is used to document future preferences related to RRT, as agreed upon by a patient and his or her provider, should the patient need RRT in the future. This panel and the questions and answers contained in it was created by a National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) expert panel.
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Panel Hierarchy

Details for each LOINC in Panel LHC-Forms

LOINC Name R/O/C Cardinality Example UCUM Units
85597-3 Renal replacement therapy goals panel NKDEP
Indent85596-5 What kidney failure treatment type have the patient and provider agreed upon if the patient's kidney disease progresses to kidney failure? R 1..1
Indent85592-4 What is the planned location for hemodialysis to occur? C 1..1
Indent85593-2 What type of donor kidney will be used? C 1..1
Indent85594-0 If dialysis is required before a transplant can be done, what type is preferred? C 1..1
Indent85595-7 Will hospice care be provided? C 1..1

Fully-Specified Name

Renal replacement therapy goals panel

Additional Names

Short Name
RRT goals Pnl NKDEP

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 2.61
Last Updated
Version 2.61
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Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Panel de objetivos de la terapia de reemplazo renal:-:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:-:NKDEP
it-IT Italian (Italy) Terapia renale sostitutiva, panel obiettivo:-:Pt:^Paziente:-:NKDEP
Synonyms: Clinico National Kidney Disease Education Program Panel obiettivo di terapia renale sostitutiva paziente Punto nel tempo (episodio) Set clinico NEC (non classificato altrove)
zh-CN Chinese (China) 肾脏替代疗法目标组套:-:时间点:^患者:-:美国国家肾病教育计划
Synonyms: National Kidney Disease Education Program;NKDEP;美国肾脏疾病卫教防治网;美国国家肾病教育项目 关于肾脏的 医嘱套餐 医嘱套餐类 医嘱套餐组 医嘱组 医嘱组.临床;组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目).临床(CLIN、Clinical) 医嘱组合 医嘱组合类 医嘱组套 医嘱组套类 医嘱组类 医疗服务对象;客户;病人;病患;病号;超系统 - 病人 多重;多重型;多重标尺类型;多重精度类型 套餐 套餐医嘱 套餐医嘱组 套餐医嘱组类 实验室医嘱套餐 实验室医嘱套餐类 实验室医嘱组 实验室医嘱组合类 实验室医嘱组套 实验室医嘱组套类 实验室套餐医嘱组 实验室套餐医嘱组类 实验室检验项目医嘱组合类 实验室检验项目组合类 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 检验医嘱组合类 检验项目医嘱组合类 检验项目组合类 目的;目标类 组 组合 组合医嘱 组合类 组套 肾 肾;肾脏的;肾的;与肾脏相关的 肾的 肾脏替代疗法(肾脏替代治疗、肾替代疗法)目标(目的)组套(组合、医嘱组、套餐、套餐医嘱、医嘱套餐、组合申请、组合项目) 肾脏的

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