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Fully-Specified Name

Date last menstrual period

Additional Names

Short Name
LMP Start date

Basic Attributes

First Released
Version 1.0h(3)
Last Updated
Version 2.73
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Member of these Panels

LOINC Long Common Name
58735-2 Alpha-1-Fetoprotein panel - Amniotic fluid
48802-3 Alpha-1-Fetoprotein panel - Serum or Plasma
55168-9 Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.1
49085-4 First and Second trimester integrated maternal screen panel
48798-3 First trimester maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
49086-2 First trimester maternal screen with nuchal translucency panel
89543-3 Laboratory ask at order entry panel
49087-0 Maternal screen clinical predictors panel
62896-6 PhenX domain - Skin, bone, muscle and joint
48799-1 Second trimester penta maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
48800-7 Second trimester quad maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
35086-8 Second trimester triple maternal screen panel - Serum or Plasma
86347-2 U.S. standard certificate of live birth - recommended 2003 revision set
86346-4 U.S. standard report of fetal death - recommended 2003 revision set

Language Variants Get Info

Tag Language Translation
de-AT German (Austria) Synonyms: Menses Startdatum
de-DE German (Germany) Datum letzte Monatsblutung:Datum:Zeitpunkt:^Patient:Quantitativ:
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) fecha del último período menstrual:marca de tiempo:fecha y hora:punto en el tiempo:^paciente:cuantitativo:informado
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Fecha del último período menstrual:Fecha:Punto temporal:^ Paciente:Cuantitativo:
fr-CA French (Canada) Date des dernières menstruations:Date:Temps ponctuel:^Patient:Quantitatif:
fr-FR French (France) Date des dernières règles:Date:Ponctuel:Patient:Numérique:
it-IT Italian (Italy) Data ultimo ciclo mestruale:Data:Pt:^Paziente:Qn:
Synonyms: Anamnesi paziente Punto nel tempo (episodio)
nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands) datum van laatste menstruatie:datum:moment:^patiënt:kwantitatief:
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) Data do último período menstrual:TmStp:Pt:^Paciente:Qn:
Synonyms: Time stamp; Date and time; Timestamp; Point in time; Random; Quantitative; QNT; Quant; Quan; LMP
ru-RU Russian (Russian Federation) Дата последнего менструального периода:Дата:ТчкВрм:^Пациент:Колич:
Synonyms: Количественный Точка во времени;Момент
tr-TR Turkish (Turkey) Son adet tarihi:Tarih:Zmlı:^Hasta:Kant:
zh-CN Chinese (China) 末次月经周期日期:日期:时间点:^患者:定量型:
Synonyms: 医疗服务对象;客户;病人;病患;病号;超系统 - 病人 历史纪录与体格检查 历史纪录与体格检查.历史记录;历史纪录与体格检查.历史记录类;历史纪录与体格检查.历史记录类别;历史纪录与体格检查.病史;历史纪录与体格检查.病史类;历史纪录与体格检查.病史类别;历史纪录与体格检查.病史记录;历史纪录与体格检查.病史记录类;历史纪录与体格检查.病史记录类别;历史纪录与体格检查小节.历史记录;历史纪录与体格检查小节.历史记录类;历史纪录与体格检查小节.历史记录类别;历史纪录与体格检查小节.病史;历史纪录与体格检查小节.病史类;历史纪录与体格检查小节.病史类别 历史纪录与体格检查小节 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 日子;几号 时刻;随机;随意;瞬间 最后一次月经周期日期;最后月经周期日期;末次经期日期 末次月经;末次月经期;末次月经日期;未次月经时间;最后一次月经期;最后一次月经 末次月经期 病史与体格检查

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