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LP310432-2   Specific resistance.airway
Specific airway resistance (sRaw) reflects airway resistance (Raw) that has been adjusted for lung volume. It is measured by plethysmography during normal breathing (i.e., tidal breathing), does not require special maneuvers, and is independent of height and sex, so it is commonly used in pediatrics and can be used for children as young as 2. The relationship between sRaw and Raw is: sRaw = Raw * TGV, where TGV is thoracic gas volume. There are different methods used for calculating sRaw from the data gathered during plethysmography, including:
1. sRtot (total specific resistance), which uses the flow measurements at the maximum change in pressure
2. sRaw Vmax, which uses the the measurements at the maximum flow
3. sRaw0.5, which uses the measurements where the flow reaches 0.5 L/s
Specifying the method used to calculate sRaw is important for interpreting the results.
PMID: 16002957 Source: Regenstrief LOINC

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Specific resistance.airway
Respiratory system.airway
Plethysmograph.body box

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sRaw Plethysmography

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Version 2.66
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Version 2.67
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Release 2.67: FORMULA: Added alternate formulas based on functional residual capacity measured by plethysmograph body box
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Formula (Readable)

Multiple calculation methods: sRaw = Raw * TGV; sRaw = Raw * FRCpleth; sRaw = Raw * (FRCpleth + VT/2); where sRaw is specific airway resistance, Raw is airway resistance, TGV is thoracic gas volume, FRCpleth is functional residual capacity measured by plethysmograph body box, and VT is tidal volume.

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Tag Language Translation
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) Resistencia específica vía aérea:FldResistenciat:Estudio^prom:Sistema respiratorio vía aérea.:Cuantitativo:Plethysmograph.body box
it-IT Italian (Italy) Resistenza specifica.vie aeree:FldResist:Studio^media:Apparato respiratorio.vie aeree:Qn:Pletismografo.body box
Synonyms: Gestione ventilazione polmonare Pletismografo o body box Resistenza di Fluido Via aeree dell''apparato respiratorio
zh-CN Chinese (China) 特异性阻力.气道:液体阻力:检查过程持续时间^平均值:呼吸系统.气道:定量型:体积描记器.体箱计
Synonyms: 体积变动记录仪.人体体箱计;体积描记器.人体体箱计;容积描记器.人体体箱计 可用数量表示的;定量性;数值型;数量型;连续数值型标尺 呼吸系统.导气管;呼吸系统.通气导管;呼吸系统导气管;呼吸系统气道;呼吸系统通气导管 呼吸道标本(样品、样本);呼吸系统标本(样品、样本) 均值;平均;平均数 抗力 抗耐性 抵抗力 抵抗性 检查;检查持续时间;检查过程 气道阻力;气道阻尼 液体电阻;液体电阻抗;液体阻尼 物体 特异 特异性的 特异性阻力(比阻力).气道(呼吸道);特异性气道阻力;比气道阻力 特异的 电阻 耐性 肺部测量指标与呼吸机管理 阻力

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cm[H2O].s Example UCUM Units

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