Version 2.77

Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL2685-7 NTDS_DG_01_Co-morbid Conditions N
LL3258-2 APTA AnswerLists N
LL3739-1 [NEI] Ophthalmologic disease related systemic find N
LL4465-2 CMS_LCDS Comorbidities and co-existing conditions N
LL4704-4 CMS_LCDS v4 Comorbid conditions N
LL4747-3 NTDS_DG_01_Co-morbid Conditions_v2018 N
LL5410-7 CMS_LCDS v5 Comorbid conditions N
LL5731-6 Comorbidities N
LL5973-4 DIMDI_Neurological assessment N
LL626-3 USSG-FHT diseases N
LL627-1 USSG-FHT diseases & cause of death N