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Answer Lists using this Answer Code

Answer List Answer List Name Externally Defined
LL100-9 CR_1430_Reason no radiation N
LL1001-8 PhenX05_14_30D freq amts N
LL1002-6 PhenX05_15_30D cereal amt N
LL101-7 CR_1440_Reason no chemo N
LL102-5 CR_1450_Reason no hormones N
LL1044-8 PhenX01_01_race N
LL1045-5 PhenX01_02_hispanic origin N
LL1068-7 PhenX01_05_marital status N
LL1069-5 PhenX01_06_education N
LL1070-3 PhenX01_07_family income 50k N
LL1071-1 PhenX01_08_family income 35k N
LL1072-9 PhenX01_09_family income poverty N
LL1073-7 PhenX01_10_family income 100k N
LL1074-5 PhenX01_11_family income 75k N
LL1075-2 PhenX01_12_relative smoking N
LL1076-0 PhenX01_13_health insurance N
LL1082-8 PhenX06_05_house pet type N
LL1086-9 PhenX06_09_water treatment N
LL1152-9 PhenX08_19_ last dentist visit N
LL1153-7 PhenX08_20_dentist visit reason N
LL1209-7 PhenX10_20_HPV vaccination N
LL1210-5 PhenX10_21_HPV shots amt N
LL1241-0 PhenX11_03_difficulty drawing,coloring N
LL1242-8 PhenX11_04_last eye exam N
LL1243-6 PhenX11_05_which eye N
LL1244-4 PhenX11_06 N
LL1245-1 PhenX11_07_child strabismus tx N
LL1246-9 PhenX11_08_myopia tx N
LL1249-3 PhenX11_11 N
LL1251-9 PhenX11_13_bilateral eyesight N
LL1252-7 PhenX11_14_diabetic retinopathy surg N
LL1270-9 PhenX12_02 N
LL1271-7 PhenX12_03 N
LL1272-5 PhenX12_04 N
LL1273-3 PhenX12_05_upset with self N
LL1281-6 PhenX12_13_depression length N
LL1282-4 PhenX12_14_depresion freq N
LL1283-2 PhenX12_15_deression wt. gain, loss N
LL1284-0 PhenX12_depression trouble sleeping N
LL1357-4 PhenX03_05_smoke cessation N
LL1404-4 PhenX14_02 N
LL1416-8 PhenX14_14_reason not to squeeze hand N
LL1434-1 PhenX14_28_difficulty standing 2H N
LL1454-9 PhenX06_36_job shift schedule N
LL1463-0 PhenX06_45_smoking at home N
LL1531-4 PhenX10_57_other relatives N
LL1537-1 PhenX12_88 N
LL1538-9 PhenX12_89 N
LL1618-9 PhenX18_01_speak,read,write English N
LL1629-6 PhenX18_12_language-speak,think N
LL1697-3 PhenX20_01_ear tube presence N
LL1698-1 PhenX20_02_ear, sinus problems had N
LL1699-9 PhenX20_03_hear better in one ear N
LL1751-8 PhenX21_01_parent education N
LL1960-5 PhenX16_26_injected drugs N
LL1964-7 PhenX15_18 N
LL2177-5 NEMSIS-reason med not given N
LL2178-3 NEMSIS-reason procedure not done N
LL3268-1 Always/Usually/Sometimes/Rarely/Never N
LL4027-0 Yes | No | DK/NS | Refused N
LL4029-6 Yes | No | Parents not married | DK/NS | Refused N
LL4030-4 Never | Once | More than once | DK/NS | Refused N
LL4140-1 Yes|No|Not asked|Refused to answer N
LL4866-1 Yes(1)|No(0)|DK/NS(8)|Refused(9) N
LL5076-6 Amount of meal eaten N
LL5230-9 >1x/d|1x/d|>1x/w|1x/w|>1x/mo|1x/mo|<1x/mo N
LL5306-7 PATH_Rule statements for tobacco use inside home N
LL6248-0 ***** CLONED FROM - LL1021-6 ***** N
LL6249-8 Not at all |Somewhat |Vey |Completely |DK|Refused N
LL6250-6 Yes 1 person|Yes >1 person|No|DK|Refused N
LL6252-2 Relationship N
LL760-0 PhenX02_01_body weight N
LL761-8 PhenX02_02_wt <9lbs at birth N
LL91-0 CR_1360_Radiation summary N
LL92-8 CR_1370_Lung-leukemia radiation N
LL94-4 CR_1390_Chemo N
LL96-9 CR_1400_Hormone treatment N
LL97-7 CR_1400_V9_Hormaine treatment summary N
LL988-7 PhenX05_01 N
LL989-5 PhenX05_02_age other than breastfed N
LL990-3 PhenX05_03 N
LL991-1 PhenX05_04-age stopped breastfeeding N