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Basic Properties

Amount of meal eaten
None, Less than one-quarter, one-quarter, more than one-half but less than three quarters, three-quarters or more but not all, or all of the meal eaten.
LOINCs using this list

Answer List

Answer Code Score Answer ID
NoneCopyright ID:260413007 None (qualifier value) LA137-2
Less than one-quarter of the meal LA29307-8
One-quarter of the meal LA29308-6
More than one-half but less than three-quarters of the meal LA29309-4
Three-quarters or more, but not all of the meal LA29310-2
All of the meal LA29311-0
RefusedCopyright ID:443390004 Refused (qualifier value) LA4389-8
Don't knowCopyright ID:456791000124100 Do not know (qualifier value) LA12688-0

LOINC terms using this Answer List

90017-5 Amount of beef, pork, tuna, or salmon eaten the last time you had anything to eat

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